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The Neighbourhood: Interview [St. Jerome’s Laneway]

For the first time, Californian indie-pop quartet The Neighbourhood will be making their way to Australia for February’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival. We caught up with the band’s main-man Jessie Rutherford and discussed their forthcoming album, along with groupies.

Where are you and what are you wearing? (Laughs) I am in Miami, Florida and I am wearing the usual kind of shit for me, I guess. Black shoes, black socks, black pants, white shirt, a really cool pair of sunglasses, and a toothpick in my mouth (laughs).

How has it been touring with The Temper Trap in the US? It’s incredible, man. The shows have been awesome and the crowd has been really responsive. The Temper Trap are probably one of the first bands that we’ve toured with that I think fit really well with our sound, and the guys have been really fucking cool. It’s been awesome.

Have there been any tour shenanigans? Well, there isn’t really too much crazy or fucked up shit going on. But we are all out to have a god laugh (laughs). There was a bet that went down last night; I went out with a young lady after the show and all of the guys in both bands had a bet on how far I would get with her (laughs). So, that was pretty funny I guess (laughs). How far did you get with her?  I don’t kiss and tell (laughs). No, I’ll be honest. I didn’t bang her or anything. We just ate some food and had a good time, and got a little bit intimate but nothing crazy (laughs). But I am probably going to catch up with her again tonight after the show, so who knows!

You’ll be heading to Australia in February for St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival! Yeah man, that is fucking exciting shit. I saw the line up the other day too; it’s incredible to be a part of. It’s also going to be the first time for any of us to go to Australia, so that’s also fucking exciting. Just not looking forward to the flight (laughs).

Are there any other Laneway acts that you think you’ll be stalking? You know what? I haven’t had the chance to see many of those bands play before so I think I’m pretty much going to get around to see as many of them as possible. I’m a really visual person and I feel I can get a whole different angle of appreciation for a band from a live performance. So, I think I will just try to see as many as possible (laughs).

Apparently there’s an album in the works. What can you tell us about that? Yeah, it’s supposed to be out early 2013 – March I think, but you know how that kind of shit always gets pushed back. It will be finished really soon though. Do you have a title yet? We do, but we can’t say just yet. I will say that we have a kind of theme going on. There are 3 projects that we have as part of this series and they are all saying certain phrases that I think should have a lot of meaning to them. But because they get used so often and under the wrong circumstances, they just lose all meaning. For example, “I’m Sorry” being one of them. We have a 7” coming out next month, so that will be the next one. Maybe you can use your imagination as to what that one will be called (laughs).

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would that be? Geez, that’s a tough one (laughs). I guess the first thing that comes to mind is The CardigansGran Turismo. I think that’s the best album of all time.

You can catch The Neighbourhood at one of the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festivals taking place in February. Grab your tickets now before it’s too late.

Let us all take a listen to I’m Sorry…, The Neighbourhood’s debut EP:

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