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Friday MixTape #120

Disco is so deep in my daydreams.


1. French Horn Rebellion vs Database – Poster Girl (VERSÃO BRASIL)
2. Urban Cone – Deja Vú (Vinjette Remix)
 Yale – The One That Got Away (The Kite String Tangle Remix)
 Atlas Genius – Back Seat (Aislyn Remix)
 Manuel Tur – Back To You (Dublin Aunts ‘Love To Love Her’ Edit)
 Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (ft. SLL)
 L’Equipe du Son – Slow Notion (Dubka Remix)
 Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Cut Slack Remix)
 The Presets – Promises (Lifelike Remix)
 Elizabeth Rose – Again (ft. Sinden) (Frames Remix)
 Olympic Ayres – The View (Purple Sneakers DJs Remix)
  French Horn Rebellion – Love is Dangerous (Chrome Canyon Remix)
 -DAZE- – Do It Fine Part II
14. Seasfire – How Do You Sleep (Mighty Mouse Remix)
15. Xinobi – Bronze (Mr. Mitsuhirato Rework)
16. Amtrac – How Can She
17. KREAP – Party Time (Kreap’s ‘Block Rockin Party’ Mix)
18. Lifelike – Don’t Stop (ft. A-Trak) (Gigamesh Remix)
19. PIGEON – Smart Casual Cavalry (Malente Remix)
20. Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running (Knocks Remix)
21. T.E.E.D. – Trouble (Lunice Remix)
22. Flume – Change
23. Kim Ann Foxman – Return It (Dinamo Azari ‘Twilight’ Remix)

Fryars: In My Arms [New Single]

October saw the release of ‘Love So Cold,‘ the insanely beautiful track from young London producer Benjamin Garrett, AKA Fryars.

Today we have ‘In My Arms,’ the track’s sucessor. While it isn’t quite as heart wrenching, it is still an emotionally charged piece of experimental electro-pop. Think Oliver TankSOHN and James Blake all wrapped up into one delicious, audible focaccia.

On January 14, 2013 you can cop a limited 12″ of the In My Arms/Love So Cold EP, which will include remixes by fellow UK buddies LONE and Fort Romeau. | |

Suuns: Edie’s Dream [New Single]

Recorded during Canada’s bleak winter was Images Du Futur, the brand new album from Suuns.

Images Du Futur is the follow-up to 2010’s fantastic debut, Zeros. New single ‘Edie’s Dream’ is a soothing, post-rock jam that works its way beautifully under your skin:

Images Du Futur from Suuns is out on March 5 through Secretly Canadian.

Before you take off, check out the bizzarre music video for ‘Red Song.’ The track appeared on a 12″ the band released in 2011 titled Bambi / Red Song:

Leaks: Stay [New Single]

Introducing Thom Guida, an 18-year-old musician/producer from Melbourne. Under the moniker of Leaks, he has released soul warming track ‘Stay’ –  the first sampling from forthcoming debut EP De Landa. 

Intricate and organic, the single induces deep, lengthy breaths as goose-bumps form head to toe.

Ten months ago, Leaks uploaded an equally moving piece titled ‘The Only Place For You And Me’:

Until the release of the De Landa EP in June 2013, these we’ll be on constant repeat.

Show your support by giving Leaks a vote on his triple j Unearthed page.

Olympic Ayres: Episode II: The Remixes [EP Stream]

“We do many things, we span the genres, they call us the genre spanners”  – Olympic Ayres

Back in June, local “genre spanners” Olympic Ayres proved to us again that they’re a serious contender in the Australian music scene with the release of  sophomore EP Episode II.

This week we see the release of Episode II: The Remixes, featuring the EP’s three tracks reworked by SAFIAMoonbase Commander, and Purple Sneakers DJs:

Download the EP for FREE on the link above, then click here to stream and buy Episode I and Episode II.

Catch Olympic Ayres at the acid stag XXXMAS party on December 7 at FBi Social. They’ll be playing alongside Elizabeth Rose, SoftwarJubilants, Debonair and Antoine Vice AKA Moonchild. Tickets are on sale now.

Pigeon: Fortunes [EP Stream] [World Premiere]

Brisbane is absolutely frothing with amazing artists and producers of late. Northern Australian dance quintet Pigeon have just dropped debut EP Fortuneswhich you can stream exclusively below:

Grab a copy of Fortunes now from iTunes.

Over the last 16 months, Pigeon have been dipping their fingers into the DJ scene, dropping a few remixes whilst also copping remix attention for their own material. One of the more notable reworks was for previous track of theirs ‘Smart Casual,’ which received a makeover from German house producer Malente:

The guys are currently on the road in support of the EP’s release. Be sure to catch them at one of the shows below in the coming weeks, you will not be disapointed.

Tour dates:
Thursday, November 29 – ‘ALPHA BETA’ @ Coolangatta Hotel, Coolangatta
Friday, November 30 – Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
Saturday, December 1 – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
Thursday, December 13 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Friday, December 14 – ‘CANT SAY’ @ Platform One, Melbourne

This is what you can expect from one of their live shows:

A.N.D.Y: MixTape Eight

Kick-off your week the right way with the new mixtape from Belgium producer A.N.D.Y.

The mix includes ‘Pump It Up,’ the brand new single from the man himself featuring Nyemiah Supreme on vocals.


1. Navid Izadi – Ain’t Got The Time
2. Utrecht – APC (Club Version)
3. Toyboy & Robin – No More Sunshine
4. Huxley – No Matter What (MK Dub)
5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)
6. A.N.D.Y. – Pump It Up (ft. Nyemiah Supreme)
7. Indian Summer – I Do
8. Nick Curly – Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
9. Club Cheval – Vanilla Girl
10. Lo – Say My Name | SoundCloud/A-N-D-Y-Music

Friday MixTape #119

Dine on the synth. Grind to the beat.


1. Kids of 88 – Feel The Love
2. Sam Sparro – Shades Of Grey (Plastic Plates Remix)
 Purple Sneakers DJs – Last One Standing (ft. Amy Pes) (Clubfeet Remix)
 Aeroplane – In Her Eyes (ft. Jamie Principle) (Louis La Roche Remix)
 Amtrac – Those Days (Kreap Remix)
 Viceroy – While We’re In Love (ft. Ghost Beach) (Eumig & Chinon Remix)
 IHEARTSTEREO – Good Life (Kreap Mix)
 Parachute Youth – Count To Ten
 Flume – Sleepless (Chores & Ditto Remix)
 Ferris Mular – On My Mind
 Laid Back – Fly Away (Poolside Edit)
  Wild Cub – Straight No Turns (Kisses Remix)
 Ben Mono – The Feel (Bit Funk Remix)
14. Good Night Keaton – Next To Mexico (Mighty Mouse Remix)
15. Friendly Fires – Why Don’t You Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix)
16. Andy Murphy – Can’t Keep Me (Ditto & Farley Remix)
17. Strange Talk – Falling In Love
18. Hot Chip – Keep Fallin’ (Popular Computer Remix 2004)
19. The Miracles Club – U&ME (Nile Delta Remix)
20. Ultraísta – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)
21. Fantastic Man – Groove With You (Debonair Remix)
22. Tiga – Plush
23. Jamie Woon – Night Air (Felix Nite ‘Till Thee Dawn’ Remix)

Todd Terje: Interview

Norwegian producer and self-confessed geek Todd Terje will be washing upon our fine shores very soon for Harbourlife. During a recent interview with him, he revealed exclusive details of his forthcoming debut album, along with a fantasy to remix an iconic Australian song.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
You’re lucky; I just put on some clothes. It’s morning here in Oslo.

I was going to ask you about the Norwegian dance scene, but thought that was more original.
I prefer you didn’t. That’s the question that triggers a yawn as it doesn’t have a good answer.

When I listen to ‘Its The Arps,’ I conjure an image in my head of female roller-skaters at a discotheque on the moon, shooting lasers from their index fingers. Is that what you were hoping to achieve?
You should be my manager (laughs). Well, I was thinking things like that but normally I can never translate my thoughts like what you’ve done. That particular project was quite nerdy so I wasn’t expecting anyone to ‘get’ what I was trying to say.

When quizzed about a full-length album, you’ve given very ambiguous answers. Are you able to reveal anything about it?
I’m not hiding anything, it’s just that things take time. I almost have an album ready – it’s about 70% finished. It’s that last 30% that I think: Yeah, I can do that in four months. But it’ll probably take me a year or something (laughs). I say it’ll be ready mid next year. The DJ thing really takes up more time than I would have imagined.

How many tracks are you hoping to include on the album?
I don’t know. I’m thinking of having different suites. Maybe having two or three themed suites. Then it would make it easier for it to sound like one story instead of 16 random tracks thrown in together.

You’re quite well known for producing remixes of epic proportions. Are you trying to achieve the same level of epicness in the album?
Not necessarily because I think those things tend to work best on the dance-floor. If you’re on the dance-floor you automatically have the peoples’  will to stand there for more than three and a half minutes. It’s very different from the radio. When you make album music, I think you have to pace yourself. So, there’ll definitely be no 32-minute tracks but my music is a little bit quirky in that it needs time to evolve. But I’ll just have to think harder on how to arrange it wisely. You need to keep the listener’s attention.

The suites are very cinematic themes. I’m quite inspired by soundtracks, which is a very clichéd  thing to say (laughs).

Harbourlife is set at one of Australia’s most iconic spaces. Are you getting pumped?
Yeah, I’m always excited to play. The DJ part of my life is like a reward. But if I ever lose that excitement then I’m fucked (laughs). I might become a yogi (laughs).

What do you have in store for us?
I can say one thing that I would want to do, but know I can’t do. It’s to make a dub remix of ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work. I just need the stems. I have a really good idea for it. It’d be a good thing to bring to Australia.

Joining Todd Terje at this year’s sold out Harbourlife are:
Mark Farina
Flight Facilities featuring Jess Higgs
Adana Twins

Where: Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquarie’s Point, Sydney
When: December 1, 2012

Listen to ‘Inspector Norse,’ Todd’s hit single of last year:

Let’s end with his stunning rework of Hot Chip‘s ‘How Do You Do’:

Mighty Mouse: November 2012 Mixtape

Here is this month’s instalment of the Mighty Mouse mixtape series. If you can guess where he is from, we’ll give you a free download of the mix!

No, just kidding. You can download it for free anytime you like.

FYI, he says he is from Saturn, Papua New Guinea but in actual fact he resides in London.

1. Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)
2. Tripswitch – Deer Park (Audioglider Remix)
3. Jean Claude Gavri – Nite Dubbin (JCG Original Nite Mix)
4. Boston Run – Urname (Original Mix)
5. Lana Del Ray – Blue Velvet (Lindstrom Remix)
6. Reno Knightz – Rise feat. Herb Albert (Sulli & 5657 Revamp)
7. David Shaw & The Beat – Single Serving Friend
8. Mood II Swing – Closer (Swing To Mood Dub)
9. Farley & Nebulon – Lights Up (Original Mix)
10. Leo Zero – The Plastic Head (Original Mix)
11. Good Night Keaton – Next To Mexico (Mighty Mouse Remix)
12. Fake Blood – All In The Blink

Klak Tik: Reborn [New Single]

Søren Bonke, Matthew Mitchinson and Jonathan Beyer are Copenhagen’s Klak Tik. The post-folk trio are on the verge of releasing their forthcoming sophomore album called The Servants and ‘Reborn’ is its first single.

Their sound pays homage to old-school folk vetrans Simon & Garfunkel, yet sports similarities to that of Grizzly Bear and even Sufjan Stevens.

Søren Bonke explains his inspiration for writing ‘Reborn’:

“I was travelling on the Piccadilly Line towards Ealing during rush hour one morning and I was looking at this man in a suit sitting across from me. He looked like a zombie the way he was holding but not reading the free newspaper. I could see the words enter his head through the glassy eyes like an odour from the page, and then pour straight back out of his wilted ears. It got me thinking about my own defence mechanisms. What is my escape route? Songs are, was my conclusion, and ‘Reborn’ was written while another man was sat on the tube, holding but not reading the free paper.”

Klak Tik’s The Servants hits stores during Australia’s Spring of 2013, via Safety First Records.

Jamie Lidell: What A Shame [New Single]

Initially, the first single to rise from Jamie Lidell‘s forthcoming self-titled record was a tad annoying. Titled ‘What A Shame,’ it later managed to weave its way into high rotation.

In the track, the electro experimentalist explores the depths of monster-weirdom.

The self-produced, eleven-track record will be available on February 19 through Warp Records.

Memory Tapes: Grace/Confusion [New Album]

Synth-pop producer Dayve Hawk AKA Memory Tapes has a new album set for a December release called Grace/Confusion. Its first single came in the form of throbbing, 8.5 minute jam ‘Sheila’:

‘Neighborhood Watch’ is its relatively shorter successor:

Click here for a free download of ‘Neighborhood Watch.’

Grace/Confusion is due out on December 4 via Carpark Records. |

Hunting Grounds: Star Shards [New Single]

From Ballarat, New South Wales comes the epic sounds of indie sextet Hunting Grounds. Back in July they released debut record In Hindsight. ‘Star Shards’ is its second single:

According to the band, “they are in it for the long haul.” Fingers crossed they birth more material soon.

You can catch Hunting Grounds at the 2013 Big Day Out festivals that are happening around the country.

Support Hunting Grounds by buying debut record In Hindsight from iTunes.