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2manydjs/Soulwax: Interview

We interviewed Stephen Dewaele, co-founder of 2manydjs and Soulwax. As result, we uncovered golden info regarding the forthcoming Soulwax record, their collaboration with LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy, and the Soulwaxmas 2012 line-up!

Where are you and what are you wearing?
I’m just walking around in my shorts, in my house. It’s a really hot day here, which is crazy for October. It’s like 22 degrees – it’s not known to be like that. It’s also quite warm here. Although only the start of Spring, we’re well tanned. You know what’s going to happen? I’m going to get in there and it’s going to be the one-week when the weather’s going to be shitty (laughs).

A new Soulwax album has been tipped for a 2013 release and there are rumours floating about regarding the nature of the tracks. Apparently they’re somewhat slower in comparison to Nite Versions. Is that true?
We’ve leaked a couple of tracks and played them to people; and just because we’ve designed those to be like that doesn’t mean the rest of the record will be designed like that. But we have no idea what the album’s going to be like. We need to sit down and put it all together.

Have you collaborated with anyone on any of the new tracks?
No, we haven’t collaborated with anyone on any of the tracks, but we have been making music with James Murphy. We’ve been in the studio with him but that’s probably going to be a completely different side project that we do.

Will James Murphy be part of another run of Radio Soulwax?
Ummm, maybe (laughs). We just did a couple of weekends together where we DJ’d together and it was really fun. He lives close to where we live in London so we’ve been making an effort as friends to see each other and do some stuff. We’ve been making music together and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been very, very uncomplicated, and we’ve always left the studio together with a smile, which is very rare.

Harbourlife is set at one of Australia’s most iconic spaces. Are you getting pumped?
Yeah, it’ll be fun, I hope. People say it’s amazing and we’ve never done that one. I think we’ve done every other festival in Australia.

What do you have in store for us? Any surprises that you can reveal?
I haven’t really thought about it, but I probably will do something specific. We’ll probably be playing a lot of new things. I’m looking forward to having a dance with people in the sunshine. Something that’s been happening a lot at Sydney festivals of late, are girls wearing barely anything. You’ll encounter a lot of arse-hang and side-boob. Something to look forward to, I guess. I’d like to call a festival: Side-boob Festival (laughs); and you can only get in if you show a bit of side-boob. I think that’s the perfect 2manydjs / acid stag collaboration.

Dates for this year’s Soulwaxmas have been locked in. What else can you reveal about the event?
I can reveal some of the line-ups. I don’t know if I can actually, but I’ll just do it anyway. It’s four dates, so we do it in London, Manchester and Paris. The line-up is different; it’s not the same everywhere but the gist of it is that we have Kindness which is a band we really like; we have The 2 Bears on one of them, we have Arrow playing together with Xavier from Justice, and we have Soulwax live, and 2manydjs live.

Joining 2manydjs at Harbourlife 2012 are:
Mark Farina
Flight Facilities featuring Jess Higgs
Todd Terje
Adana Twins

Where: Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquarie’s Point, Sydney
When: December 1, 2012
Tickets: $85 + bf via

Cop some ol’ school Soulwax in the form of ‘E-Talking’:

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