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Sarah Blasko: Interview

In two days, the wonderful Sarah Blasko will release new album I Awake. In celebration of this, she has formed the SARAH BLASKO ALBUM INSTALLATION, inviting Sydney fans to listen to I Awake prior to its release. Also on display is the album imagery gallery and a short film by director Mike Daly. She took time out of her busy schedule for a probing.


Where are you and what are you wearing? Woah! What kind of interview is this (laughs)? Umm, I’m in an office in Sydney. What am I wearing? That’s an interesting first question. I’ve never heard that one before (laughs). But I am wearing an office outfit – a shirt and a skirt. I’ve got the whole secretary look going on today (laughs).

Congratulations on the new album. How are you feeling about it now that people have started hearing it? It certainly is a strange feeling. It was actually a while ago now that I finished it and I am relieved for people to finally start hearing it. I think ‘release’ really is a good word for it because that’s kind of how you feel; you get to kind of let it go, if you know what I mean. I’m feeling really positive about the album. I am really excited and proud of it too.

I imagine each album would tell a story about your life at the time of its production. Can you still relate to the earlier albums in the same light? Well, I haven’t actually listened to the previous albums for a long time now but when I am playing those songs live, I feel it is really important to kind of reinvent them a little bit. I think you always need to be able to relate it to where ever you are at in each point in time, and so I do tend to choose songs that I relate to the most at those times.

We saw your performance at the album installation launch the other night. However, you’ve also played a few shows in Singapore and Northern Queensland recently. How has the crowd been reacting to the new material? Everyone has been really excited and supportive. I guess there is always some kind of an adjustment period between the old and the new. But it has been really enjoyable and I love doing an intimate show. Being able to see people smiling back at me is always really nice.

Do you feel Sweden has now become your creative muse? (Laughs) I’ve been there in the middle of Winter a few times now to work, and I think it is great that it’s really hard to go outside because it’s so cold. It was like -20 when I first got there. I also really love working in the Atlantis studio in Stockholm. So I don’t know if I’d say it was my muse but I definitely find it to be the ideal place for me to work.

Can you tell us a secret about Sarah Blasko? Umm, okay. I’m not sure whether this is much of a secret, but I actually can’t drive. I don’t have a licence (laughs). I have had several attempts, but back in my earlier days when I first started writing music, I had no money and so I didn’t think there was much point of having a licence if I couldn’t afford a car! So, here I am at 36, without a licence (laughs).

Sarah will be taking the album on the road in February 2013 where she will be enlisting an orchestra in each capital city to accompany her for those shows. Grab all of those tour dates here.

Take a look at the above mentioned short-film for I Awake, featuring songs from the new album of the same name:

Where: Corner of Palmer St & Oxford St Darlinghurst, Sydney
When: Thursday, October 18 – Friday, October 26
Time: 4PM to 7PM
Cost: FREE

Sarah Blasko’s I Awake is out on October 26 via Dew Process. Pre-order here.

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