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Panama: It’s Not Over EP [Review]

Words by Monica McClure.

Is it just me, or has there been a massive spate of indie pop artists naming their band or song after tropical places recently? I’m so not making this up. Not only are they all similarly named, most of these artists have a confusingly uniform 80s influenced, electro pop vibe. Maybe I’m just making excuses for getting their names all mixed up.

Panama slots right into the sunshiny-sounds-aptly-named-after-equatorial-locations category. Their upcoming EP It’s Not Over is out on November 2 through Future Classic, just in time for the arrival of 2012’s first few sweaty days of Summer. It’s either a happy coincidence or some smart marketing.

The EP was produced by Eric Broucek of DFA Records who has previously worked with LCD Soundsystem and brought a few appealing hints of influence to It’s Not Over. My favourite track off the EP is ‘Stop The Fire,’ which reminds me a lot of recent work from the Friendly Fires. They’re one of my favourite bands so the comparison is a favourable one. The 6 track EP is a convincing release, with no obvious weak patches and two singles already receiving significant domestic airplay.

The band’s second single from the EP is title track ‘It’s Not Over,’ accompanied by a freshly released music video featuring your typical beachy road-trip with a Bonnie and Clyde twist. Classy. It’s a solid sequel to ‘Magic,’ which was released in early 2012 and set the precedent for the band’s self-described funky ‘yacht rock’ character.

Let’s face it; Panama’s not doing anything new on this EP. They have the tropical electro 80s pop sound down pat, but I don’t really care as they do such a damn good job of it. The entire EP is well produced and catchy, and finds that elusive balance between being accessible but not overly simplistic.

The EP sounds great even in October’s last ditch chills. I imagine when this year’s heat wave hits, Panama’s It’s Not Over is going to be a perfectly timed, refreshing blast of sweet, summertime pop.

Here’s the above mentioned music video for latest single and title track ‘It’s Not Over’:

Score a copy of Panama’s It’s Not Over EP on November 2 via Future Classic. |

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