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Elizabeth Rose: Crystallise EP [Review]

Words by Monica McClure.

At the risk of sounding patronising, Elizabeth Rose (aka Elizabeth Maniscalco) is a talented young lady. Elizabeth Rose’s Crystallise EP, out October 12 through Inertia, is impressive. Not just because of Maniscalco’s catchy tunes and slinky vocals or the fact that she’s only 21, but also because she produced Crystallise herself. Damn, girl.

Crystallise is very un-EP sounding. There’s a certain pleasure in listening to slightly dodgy early band recordings, but you don’t get that opportunity with Elizabeth Rose. Crystallise has kicked off Maniscalco’s recording career in style, with a glossy production and easily apparent commercial appeal even at this early stage.

Oddly, Elizabeth Rose has chosen not to include earlier single ‘Crystallise’ on the EP, which is a pity because it’s probably my favourite track of hers to date. In Crystallise, it seems like some of the gutsy expression present in Maniscalco’s earlier work has been smoothed over on these newer tracks. Actually, my least favourite track from Crystallise is first single from the EP ‘Ready,’ which takes Elizabeth Rose’s signature complex layering too far and ends up detracting from the substance of the track.

‘Again (ft. Sinden)’ is the second single from Crystallise, and with the contribution of UK DJ and producer Sinden, it’s also the EP’s most commercially accessible track. Sinden’s straightforward sampling provides more of a platform for Maniscalco’s vocals than Elizabeth Rose’s usual intricate productions, enhancing the pop appeal of the song.

Opening track ‘Give In’ is a likeable electro pop gem and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the next single off Crystallise. Elizabeth Rose’s sound is more compelling in ‘Fight or Flight’ though, which is the closing track of the EP. It still sports Maniscalco’s characteristic layering but the song has been assembled more delicately so the production enhances the overall sound rather than undermining it.

Elizabeth Rose certainly has an appealing brand of multifaceted pop music and an impressive swag of musical skills. If this is how polished Elizabeth Rose’s EP is, I can only imagine what a full length album will sound like.

Listen to latest single ‘Again (ft. Sinden)’:

Grab a copy of Elizabeth Rose’s Crystallise EP on October 12 via Inertia |

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