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S O H N: T H E W H E E L [Fresh Meat]

UK-born, Vienna resident S O H N (German for ‘son’) has been causing a stir across the blogosphere of late with his unique style of minimalistic recordings.

Blending haunting vocals with an analogue drum machine and synth backdrop, multi-instrumentalist S O H N manages to create a sound reminiscent of the legendary Eurythmics.

S O H N will soon release debut EP T H E  W H E E L. Listen to its title track:


A1. The Wheel
B1. The Prestige
B2. Red Lines

T H E  W H E E L EP will be Aesop label’s debut release, out November 5 on a limited 12″ and in digital format. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

We’ll leave you with two non-EP tracks that are available for free download from S O H N’s official website.

‘O S C I L A T E’:

‘W A R N I N G S’:

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