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Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke): Default [New Music]

Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has been working on a new project called Atoms for Peace, which is somewhat of a supergroup featuring producer Nigel Godrich, Red Hot Chilli Pepper‘s bassist Flea, and drummer Joey Waronker.

This isn’t the first time these boys have worked together. In 2006 they helped Thom record his debut solo-album The Eraser. One of its stand-out tracks was titled ‘Atoms for Peace.’

Take a listen to ‘Default,’ the first recording from Thom’s new venture:

Thom had this to say in regards to Atoms for Peace:

“I have a new project, it’s called Atoms for Peace. You may remember the name from some shows of The Eraser that happened a couple of years ago with Mauro, Joey, Nigel and Flea. We got a big buzz from them and discovered loads of energy from transforming the music to live from electronic, and so afterwards carried on for a few days in the studio and decided to make it a loose, on-going thing. Immersed in the area between the two.. electronic and live. The first tune we’d like you to hear is Default.”

Atoms for Peace have a 12″ Default vinyl release due out on November 19 via XL Recordings, as well as plans for a full album in early 2013.


1. Default
2. What the Eyeballs Did
3. Default (Instrumental Edit)

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