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Collarbones: Die Young [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Monica McClure.

Collarbones are off to a good start with new album Die Young, released on 28 September through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control. And by a good start, I mean it in the most literal sense with their killer of an opening track ‘Hypothermia (ft. Guerre).’ It’s wistful but catchy, appropriately launching Die Young into its journey through teen nostalgia and heartbreak.

The press for the new album explains that Die Young is “inspired by recollections of teen crushes – the naïve, vulnerable yearning at the heart of adolescent experience – the songs emerged as a tribute to the modern mythology of youthful desire… Die Young joins with whole generations mourning for their fallen idols.”

The inset of their CD reads: “RIP River, Aaliyah, Lefteye… Thanks to all our teen crushes.” Sigh.

Die Young is the second album from Collarbones, following 2011’s Iconography. With Die Young, Collarbones’ Sydney/Adelaide duo Marcus Whale and Travis Cook have veered off in a different direction. Iconography was beats heavy and vocals light, where Die Young displays more of Young and Cook’s R&B influences. Die Young retains Collarbones’ restrained energy and chest-thudding bass but has framed the new tracks in a more accessible sound.

It’s a more commercial release from Collarbones but I mean that in a positive sense. They’ve refined their style and some of the standout tracks like singles ‘Hypothermia (ft. Guerre)’ and ‘Missing,’ title track ‘Die Young (ft HTML Flowers),’ and ‘Teenage Dream’ are exceptionally crafted examples of Australian indie music. Respect.

Stream Collarbones’ Die Young in full below:

If you love it as much as we do, buy a copy of Die Young now via iTunes.

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