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Charli XCX: Interview

The other day, we talked shit with British electro-pop badass Charli XCX. The conversation was fun, insightful and really quite comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that we actually ended the discussion talking about her fascination with poo. Yep.

Where are you and what are you wearing? I am in my house in London for a few days, which feels strange because I don’t ever seem to be here anymore. I am wearing a black crop-top and some leggings. Nothing too exciting, really (laughs).

How would you describe Charli XCX? I would describe Charli XCX as a magical, glittery, emotional pop artist with a missed calling. Kind of a Black Knight. Some sort of fantasy, slash musical superhero? Yes, exactly like that (laughs).

How’s touring with Coldplay working out? Yeah, I’m currently doing the European leg of the tour with them. I also did a few of the US shows with them, which were amazing. They are undoubtedly one of the biggest bands in the world and their shows are just incredible. For me though, it’s just mind-blowing that I get to play to so many people. The other day I played a show to like 65,000 people! How does a Coldplay crowd respond to Charli XCX’s music? They seem to like it. I mean, a lot of them don’t know it, but they seem to like it. When I was up on the stage I could see all of these heads bopping to my music, so that’s a good sign, right? There’s been a really amazing vibe at all of the shows so far too.

A few months back you were on tour with Santigold. That must have been pretty fun! Yeah, that was really cool. She’s actually one of my favourite artists, so it was really cool to hang out with her on tour and stuff. I’m really into strong female musicians that do something different and put their ass on the line, and that’s definitely what she’s about and what I’m about for that matter. Did the two of you get up to any mischief on the road? (Laughs) Well, on the last night we all had dinner and a few drinks. Then we all started playing this game called Taboo. We were all really drunk and it just got really aggressive (laughs). It got so freaking heated; people were throwing shit, shouting at each other, and shit like that. So that was cool (laughs).

Did this venture give birth to a Santigold/Charli XCX collaboration by any chance? No, unfortunately (laughs). You know what? I didn’t even ask her. Like, I never even thought about that shit. What were you thinking? Yeah, I know, I know, I know. I totally should’ve asked, shouldn’t I? (Laughs) I am actually working on a collaboration mixtape at the moment, so maybe I’ll hit her up for that!

Are you getting pumped for the Parklife festival circuit? Yes, absolutely. I’ve never been to Australia before. So, I’m really excited but I’m also kind of scared because I know you guys have heaps of deadly spiders and snakes, and loads of crazy sharks and shit like that. So I’m a little bit worried I’m going to get there and basically die (laughs). My band has been freaking me out about it. They said that you couldn’t even go to the toilet in Australia without being attacked by spiders. I was like: “Fuck Off. Don’t even joke about that shit with me.” So I’m really worried now. Is it really that bad? No, it is nothing like that at all. Just stay out of the bush. The bush!? Okay, I’ll definitely be avoiding that (laughs).

Are there any other acts on the Parklife bill that you are looking forward to seeing? Yeah, one of my favourite bands ever is Justice. When I first heard this bass sound from them years ago I was like: “That is fucking awesome.” I’m pretty sure they don’t really do anything live on stage, except look really French and really cool of course, but I could be wrong (laughs). I do really love those guys and their music so much. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Plan B play as well. I’m a huge fan of his and I’ve never seen him play, so that is going to be awesome too.

Debut EP You’re the One will finally be out over here in a few weeks, and you’ve got a full-length album in the works as well, right? Yeah, the EP is out this week over here and will be with you guys in a few, but it’s been out in the US for a few months now. The album has actually been in the works for like 5 years, so I can’t fucking wait to get that out and have everyone hear it. I’m really excited for that.

Last question Charli. Can you tell us a secret? Oh, a secret. Wow. I think I’m really bad at keeping secrets. I just tell everyone, everything (laughs). How about I tell you something kind of gross that not many people know about? Yes please. Okay, okay, are you ready? I have this fascination with poo. I find that I talk about pooing to my boyfriend and my family, like all the time. They are always telling me to shut up. I know it’s really gross and all, but I just can’t help it (laughs). Isn’t poo just so weird? I mean, how does that thing even come out of you? And why are they all different? So, yeah. That’s something a little bit disgusting and weird about me (laughs). That was amazing, thank you. My pleasure!

Show your ears a bit of love with Charli XCX’s You’re The One EP:

Score a copy of You’re The One via iTunes on September 21 followed by the hard copy as of September 28, courtesy of Warner Music.

Catch Charli XCX on the stage in just a few weeks at this year’s Parklife festival. Get your tickets now.

We’ll leave you with the Robyn-esque music video for the EP’s title track:

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