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Dappled Cities: Interview

Last week, we spoke with a free-balling Dave Rennick – one fifth of renowned Sydney-based indie-rock crew Dappled Cities. We discussed new, fourth studio record Lake Air, details of their upcoming tour, and the band’s severe lack of punch-ups.

Where are you and what are you wearing? I am on a rooftop in Newtown and I’m wearing jeans and a shirt with no underwear, actually (laughs). You saucy minx. Well, yeah. It’s really hot over here (laughs).

Are you pleased with the response for new album Lake Air so far? Yeah man, we’ve been thrilled. It’s always slightly nerve-wracking to release a record, especially as the feedback starts rolling in. So far, this one has had the most mixed reviews we’ve ever had, which is something we’ve been happy to embrace. We are up to album number four, so we know we aren’t going to please everyone especially when we are aiming to make something a little bit different.

How many overall demo tracks did you have to choose from to form Lake Air? Heaps! We are chronic demo-ers (laughs). Tim and I usually write two or three versions of a song independently at home and then we bring them into the studio with the band. We then demo two or three more versions of those demos. It’s actually ridiculous how many versions of these songs there are.

So, yourself and Tim mostly share the limelight. Do you two get into many punch-ups over who’s going to do what and when? No, not really. We both have a different outlook on music and therefore we tend to keep each other in-check mostly, which is a great thing. Also, having two front-men slash two lead singers keeps us both really proactive in our writing. It all works really well. We don’t ever get into any fights (laughs). Not even on tour? No, weirdly enough. When you’ve been in a band since you were 15, you don’t really know anything else (laughs).

Are you guys at a point where you no longer need a day job? No, unfortunately (laughs). I do freelance graphic designing and web development, for whoever wants it. Besides, if I was a full time musician I’d probably just turn into a big fat lazy-bones. That’s what I tell myself anyway (laughs).

Tim Goldsworthy of DFA Records produced an amazing remix of your track ‘Fire Fire Fire’ a few years back. How did that come about? That is an awesome remix; I love those guys (laughs). They really know what’s cool and what’s not. We met one of them in New York and after a bit of a chat the idea was sparked. From there, the managers and labels did their thing and before too long it was all happening.

Do you still enjoy playing tracks from A Smile? Yeah, we totally enjoy playing them. Funnily enough we were just talking about this the other night. “At what point do you stop playing songs from your first record?” I don’t really know what the answer is. People definitely still want to hear songs like ‘Peaches’ and ‘Cream’ but then sometimes it’s just physically too hard to fit them into a set when we’ve got quite a lot of newer material to choose from. I guess we’ll just keep playing them until people start telling us not to (laughs).

What’s in store for Dappled Cities in the next 12 months? Well, we are touring this new record of course but then in December we are going to this farm in the middle of nowhere to make another record. We are planning on doing a really psychedelic mega-record with the help of a country landscape. We’ll probably tour a bit more early next year and try to make our way over to the States and England. When we get back from that we plan to release the next record. So in a year, not three, ONE YEAR we’ll release our next record (laughs). If you don’t have it out in a year from now, we’ll be all up in your grill about it! Please do that. Get on our backs about it (laughs).

Dappled Cities are embarking on their first headline tour in two years, called Touring Lake Air. Click here to grab all of the tour dates.

Here is Lake Air‘s first single ‘Run With The Wind ‘:

‘Born At The Right Time ‘ is its latest single:   

Finally, let’s step back into 2004 with one of our favourite Dappled Cities tracks. Here’s ‘Peach’:

Lake Air is out now via Inertia Music. Grab yourself a copy from iTunes.

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