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triple j’s House Party National Tour: Review

Words by Jake Annesley.

When triple j announced a House Party tour to coincide with the release of their compilation, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nina Las Vegas has always provided a fun and colourful backdrop of music to get ready to on a Saturday night, and the compilation itself is pretty much an extension of that.

Upon walking into The Hi-Fi at full swing it became evident that the crowd was a little more school disco than house party; that is to say a sea of inebriated twenty year olds, which depending on your personal tastes could be a bad or a good thing. The set up itself was simple; a few posters here and there, a screen behind the DJ and the obligatory triple j merch stand.

I arrived for Flume who is Sydney’s most up-and-coming producer right now. He remodeled his usually more experimental stylings to cater to the party receptive crowd, and the results were terrific. Apart from demonstrating that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, it displayed some excellent versatility. A respectable trait in a DJ/producer.

Next up was Ms. Vegas herself who stepped up for a mammoth hour and a half set that combined remixes from her compilation, her Saturday night show and some new tracks. The set itself retained the upbeat indie electro vibe of the House Party show whilst flirting occasionally with some harder edge dub-step tracks that the children enjoyed losing their shit to. Nina personified the House Party brand, standing up on the decks table to dance, giving shout outs to her friends in the crowd and taking photos with her disposable camera. She looked like she was having an absolute blast and it was infectious. By the end of the set, Nina looked a little worn out and who could blame her? She was probably thankful to have Beni take over.

The beats provided by one half of the now defunct Riot In Belgium were definitely more sophisticated, and he managed to introduce a little tech house without alienating his audience. Beni also came complete with a duo of uber-camp back up dancers adorned in ‘J’adore Beni’ apparel that provided interesting contrast to Nina’s more laid back attitude. As Beni neared the end of an impressive set, the crowd had already begun to disperse and move on.

Las Vegas’ charmingly peppy demeanor that has garnered her an impressive following translated to House Party’s national tour with ease, and it was a vibrant way to spend a Friday night. If you had told me I had somehow wandered into a side tent at a dance music festival, I would have believed you.

Click here to download triple j’s House Party compilation mixed by Nina Las Vegas.

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