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Father John Misty + Mosman Alder: Gig Review

Very rarely do I go into a show expecting something, and getting something COMPLETELY different in return.  I really under-estimated Father John Misty. I mean, who would of thought someone formally of Fleet Foxes could sell out Oxford Art Factory?

Brisbane band Mosman Alder opened the night. Apparently unknown to much of the crowd at the time, as many people were asking who they were, for good reasons.

The band suited the theme for the night, playing a very indie-folk style of music, with the singer’s voice sounding a lot like Editors‘ front-man Tom Smith. They played a decent set to a not-quite-full yet room. I’m sure they impressed, and made some new fans on the night.

The crowd started to roll in just before Father John Misty swaggered on stage. I saw Fleet Foxes in January this year and tonight I expected the same relaxed, professional kind of show. However, this was so different. How was this man kept behind a drum kit for so long? He is a born front-man. His interaction with the crowd was amazing, even announcing that he wouldn’t play the next song until “someone come and give me a smooch.” I don’t think he stopped moving his hips for the whole show. It was unexpected from someone whose debut solo album Fear Fun is very folky and doesn’t usually lend itself to that type of dancing.

Singer Josh Tillman surprisingly played first single ‘Nancy From Now On’ very early in the set, before going through the majority of the album. Performing tracks ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,’ ‘Fun Times In Babylon,’ and my personal album favourite ‘I’m Writing A Novel.’ It was quite a short but highly entertaining set from the former Fleet Foxes drummer. Even though he has released solo music before, this album will garner him more commercial success especially if he keeps ruling the stage like he did on that Friday night.

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