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Chiddy Bang: Interview

We chewed the fat with Noah Beresin, one half of Philadelphian alternative hip hop duo Chiddy Bang. The boys return to Australia in September for Parklife 2012 and according to Noah, they are pretty fucking pumped for it.

Where are you and what are you wearing? Woah! Right now I’m in Grand Rapid, Michigan and I’m getting ready for a show. I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans (laughs).

You guys have a fairly hectic tour schedule at the moment. Enjoy being on the road? Yeah, we really do. Though we have been constantly on the road since February, it has been quite manageable. Two weeks after putting out the album, we were doing shows every night and dealing with the press all day. So, we were going pretty hard at it for a bit.

Getting pumped for the September/October Parklife festival circuit? Yeah! That’s going to be fucking awesome. This is our second Parklife and I can definitely say that the first one we did was the best fun I have had in my somewhat brief life.

Do you have anything special planned for the Parklife shows? Yeah, for sure. But obviously I don’t want to give it all away. I can say that we are going to be doing something special, and a little bit different to what we normally do (laughs).

Is there anyone on the Parklife bill you are looking forward to seeing? Yeah. I’ve never met or seen Jus†ice before, so it’d be really cool to meet those guys, and of course Passion Pit. They are really awesome dudes and I’ve actually only like seen them play once, so I’m really looking forward to catching more of them. We ended up meeting them at a festival in Massachusetts and we didn’t play our rework of their track ‘Truth,’ because we thought it’d be a bit weird playing a Passion Pit song when opening for Passion Pit. But then they played it and dedicated it to us! That was one of the coolest moments ever. I love those guys so much.

Do you have any other collaborations in the works? Yeah, I do. I’m producing a lot of stuff at the moment. I’m actually working on a few tracks with Icon Pop right now.

Have you been happy with the response to debut album Breakfast? Yeah, definitely. I thought it was going to be a mix of half good reviews and half bad ones, and that maybe we’d sell like a handful of records. But we’ve sold quite a bit more than a handful and have received mostly good reviews. Actually, we sold 30,000 or 40,000 in our first week of release. So, really happy with that.

If you could create the ultimate band or group, whom would be in it? From like time and space? Of course, free reign. Wow, I guess I’d take all of the backing musicians from the Motown era. Like Benny Benjamin and James Jamerson, and all those dudes who played back up for Stevie Wonder and Temptations. I’d put them with a really interesting front-man like Joe Strummer or maybe Jus†ice. It’d be really cool to see what those guys would do with a giant Motown band (laughs).

As mentioned above the boys are in the country for Parklife 2012. Get your tickets now!

Chiddy Bang’s debut album Breakfast is available now from iTunes.

Let’s finish up with a few Chiddy Bang tracks, starting with this year’s massive hit ‘Ray Charles’:

‘Mind Your Manners’ is their collaboration with Swedish pop crew Icona Pop:

Finally, ‘Truth’ featuring Passion Pit: |

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