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Flume: Interview

Last week, we jumped on the phone with young Sydney beat-maker Harley Streten AKA Flume. The 2012 Parklife festival act has plans to stalk Justice, release an album later this year, and collaborate with Pitbull.

Where are you and what are you wearing? I have just put on a jumper and I am getting ready to go to Ableton Live School. I do a bit of teaching there for a course one night a week, for three weeks at a time. It’s mostly about arrangements and how to get shit done.

We imagine the last 12 months would have been a bit of a ride for you. Yeah, man. It’s been dope. My EP was released about 12 months ago and ever since then I’ve just been riding the wave. Over the last 3 or 4 months I’ve been flat out playing heaps of shows. There have also been a lot of cool parties (laughs).

Who would you consider to be your main source of inspiration? Most definitely Flying Lotus. He is probably the biggest inspiration for all of the Flume stuff I’ve been doing. I love his style – he is the Godfather to me (laughs). I’ve also been listening to a lot of Hudson Mohawke. He’s recently done a collaboration with Lunice called ‘Tonight,’ which I think is freaking awesome.

You kicked off this year’s Field Day, having won triple j’s unearthed competition. Has that given your name a bit of boost? I absolutely think it put me on the radar for all the big festivals and industry guys. I think people began to take me seriously after being part of that line-up. That was the only festival I have played at so far too. It was just amazing and a lot of fun.

Do you have anything special lined up for your sets at Splendour and Parklife? Well, I am constantly evolving my live set. I’m adding new stuff to it every day. You can expect a lot of new tunes, and some awesome party tracks to get everyone dancing. I just plan to keep that party vibe going!

Who’s made it to your stalk list for Parklife? You’ll definitely find me stalking Justice, that’s for sure (laughs). I’m going to do it really subtle. I’ll suss out their hotel room before they get there, and maybe set up some cameras (laughs). I’m really looking forward to seeing Passion Pit too; they are going to be wicked. I’ll probably hang out with Hermitude. Those guys are really cool.

We love the recently released collaboration with Anna Lunoe. How was it working with her? It’s been really nice – she’s awesome. She contacted me a while back and asked if I wanted to work on a song, and I was stoked to do it. So we got together a few times, she showed me a few ideas she had been working on, and then I started to work on a track she had finished the vocals for. We ended up with ‘I Met You.’ It was so refreshing and fun working with Anna.

When should we expect the collaboration with Pitbull? Oh, yeah. I’ve been sending him messages for ages now. Hopefully he gets back to me soon (laughs). Fingers crossed!

Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? I’ve been working on an album which is 95% done. It should be out by the end of the year. It has a range of different genres. I even have a few guest vocalists on there, like Chet Faker for one. Does it have a name yet? No, I’m still trying to work out whether to have it self-titled, or to give it its own name. Next year, I’ll probably head off to the USA and Europe for a bunch of touring. Look out!

Take a listen to ‘Sleepless’ featuring Anthony For Cleopatra, the title track from Flume’s debut EP:

Now, let’s delve into Flume’s back-catalogue of remixes starting with his rework of  The Aston Shuffle‘s ‘Won’t Get Lost’:

Next up is his rendition of Hermitude‘s ‘HyperParadise’:

Flume’s re-imagination of Ta-Ku‘s ‘Higher’:

Finally, let’s revisit ‘I Met You,’ Flume’s most recent collaboration with fellow Sydney-bred producer Anna Lunoe:

Catch Flume at this year’s Parklife music festival. Tickets are on sale now. Click here for details on his upcoming Brisbane and Melbourne shows. | | |

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