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Reptile Youth: Black Swan Born White [Fresh Meat]

Danish electro-punk duo Reptile Youth have their second single on the way called ‘Black Swan Born White’.

Kasper Bjørke brought them to our attention during a recent interview, whereby he informed us of his new artist management venture, with Reptile Youth being among his first acts.

Their sound can be likened to a collaboration between New York’s The Bravery and UK lads Delphic, thus sporting an awesome blend of dance, punk and energy.

Take a listen to an edited version of the ‘Black Swan Born White’ single along with remixes from Terranova, Keep Shelly In Athens, and S.C.U.M:

Here’s the music video for impressive first single ‘Speeddance’:

Reptile Youth have an album scheduled for a September 2012 release. 

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