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KidsOf88: Interview

Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy are New Zealand’s KidsOf88. The duo made some massive waves across the electro scene in 2010 with impressive debut LP Sugarpills – subsequently raising the bar quite high for themselves. Follow-up record Modern Love is on the horizon. Ahead of this, we spoke with Sam about the impending release, his rapist-inspired outfit, and collaborating with The Naked & Famous.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
That’s the worst question you could have asked me today. It’s laundry day (laughs). I’m wearing a pair of granddad moccasins, tracksuit pants from Disney Land, and a forest green jersey. I don’t even have any boxers on because they’re all in the wash (laughs). So, I’m looking like a granddad/rapist right now sitting out on my front porch (laughs). If Vice saw me out on the street, they’d probably see me as the new fashionisto. Right now, I think I look a bit fucked (laughs).

How did you meet Jordan?
We met in high school and have been best friends for well over a decade now. We were just these two, young kids getting into music. We started experimenting with it and had a few really bad moments along the way – listening to Limp Bizkit and shit like that. Then we went through a crazy ‘drum and bass’ phase for a while and slowly headed into dance music, then house, and pop. It’s been quite the musical journey (laughs).

Do you think Modern Love will live up to the height of goodness, which Sugarpills established?
I fucken hope so! It’s kind of interesting that the music we wrote for Sugarpills was kind of like a musical spew of sorts. We were a lot younger and the music we were into back then is somewhat different to what we like now. Since then, we’ve grown to appreciate different parts of the musical spectrum and have come to love so many different kinds of bands, which has added so many different musical textures to warm the ears, as opposed to just assaulting them.

What can you tell us about new single ‘Toucan’ featuring Alisa Xayalith?
Well, it’s the first song we’ve released in about a year and a half. It’s definitely something different to what people would have been expecting from us. This one is a little bit mellower than Sugarpill. It’s also about astral projection, so even the content of the song is a little bit more thought provoking as opposed to singing about wanting to ‘finger-bang’ some chick in a club (laughs). But that’s the difference between being 21 and being 24, I suppose. We are really stoked to have Alisa Xayalith singing with us on this one too. We’ve been great friends with The Naked & Famous for a long time now and they’ve just done so well for themselves too. We were actually scared she’d be too big for us now (laughs).

What can we expect from your upcoming Australian shows? 
Basically, we just hope to get people moving, maybe trip people out a bit. It’s going to be a big, messy dance party (laughs).

Who would you choose to be in your ultimate band?
There’s this guy that has just walked past my house now, he looks exactly like the professor out of Tin Tin, except he has schizophrenia and walks up and down my road about 30 or 40 times a day. He’d be in it (laughs). Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, probably Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine, Nick Cave, and maybe John Lennon‘s glasses. They can just rest on a stool.

Here’s latest single ‘Toucan’ featuring Alisa Xayalith from fellow Kiwi band The Naked & Famous:

As mentioned above, KidsOf88 will be heading to Australia in support of the single this June.

Saturday, June 9 – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane {tickets}
Wednesday, June 13 – Beach Road Hotel, Sydney {FREE}
Friday, June 15 – Esplanade Hotel Melbourne {tickets}

Ready you ears for KidsOf88’s Modern Love.

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