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Total Warr: Interview

With Total Warr (pronounced Total Wah) unleashing their new EP next week, we jumped on the Skype machine for a chat with one-half of the Parisian duo. Kiki was drinking his morning coffee at the time, from a Guns N’Roses mug.

Imagine all of his responses in a very cool albeit dreamy French accent.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Now, I’m in my room in Paris, I just woke up and I’m wearing a t-shirt (laughs).

How did you first meet GuiGui?
We met about six or seven years ago, partying and drinking beers with friends. We had a bunch of friends in common and we were both drummers in lots of bands. Then about two years ago we decided to start a band. We didn’t know what music we were going to play. We were like: “let’s do a band together. Maybe it’ll be all drumming, maybe it’s going to be just drums and synth, and maybe black metal.”  We just didn’t know what would happen (laughs).

Who would you say were the main influences for Total Warr’s sound?
When we first started we were talking about bands like Ganglians, Animal Collective, Yeasayer, BeckBeach House and even Bon Iver.

Congrats on the third EP. When are you going to give us an album?
(Laughs) Well, we have this EP now and then we have our next EP in October. We hope to have an album ready early next year, I suppose. We need to write more music for that to happen. Will the album be a collection of the EP tracks or made up of new ones? I think it’ll be both. There’ll be maybe three songs from the EPs and then all the rest new. We are actually looking for a good record company to work with and we’ll see what they want to do.

What could we expect from a live Total Warr gig? 
We try to play as many instruments as we can but we have had to get a third member for our live shows. He deals with launching any backing tracks, playing live synth and bass. So, we play almost all the instruments live. Our shows are fun and dancey. We love looking out and seeing people dancing from a fun live show. Can we expect to see you play in Australia sometime soon? I hope so. I’d really like to come to Australia.

One of our favourite Total Warr tracks is ‘Please Never.’
We wrote that one way back in the beginning. It was just a really fun track to write and play. We like to write fun, catchy melodies and have these horrible lyrics where we talk shit about people (laughs). This song is about that ex-girlfriend that you never want to see again. You’ll always be there for her if there is a problem but you just basically never want to see her face anymore. Is it about someone in particular? GuiGui wrote the lyrics for that one. I don’t think there was anyone in particular in mind (laughs).

If you could create the ultimate band, whom would you choose to have in it?
Umm, I’d have to say Ruth Radelet from Chromatics (laughs), Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Can I choose dead people? Yeah, of course! Well then I choose Kurt Cobain too (laughs).

Total Warr’s latest Corbay EP is out on June 11.

Below we have a live video of the boys performing the EP’s first single ‘xxx HATE xxx’:

Now, our favourite Total Warr track, ‘Please Never’:


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