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Diplo: Set It Off [New Music]

Finally, genre-bending producer/DJ/legend Diplo has dropped an official release date for latest EP Express Yourself, along with a new track. ‘Set It Off’ is the EP’s closing track and features Lazerdisk Party Sex. It’s a total booty-shaker:

We can’t let you leave without hearing Express Yourself‘s title track again:


1. Express Yourself  (ft. Nicky Da B)
2. Barely Standing   (ft. Datsik & Sabi)
3. No Problem   (ft. Flinch & My Name Is Kay)
4. Move Around   (ft. Elephant Man & GTA)
5. Butters Theme   (ft. Billy The Gent & Long Jawns)
6. Set It Off   (ft. Lazerdisk Party Sex)

Express Yourself will see the light of day on June 12Preorders are open now.

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