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Flight Facilities: With You [A Retrospective]

‘With You’ is the latest disco-beat infused track from Sydney’s Flight Facilities. It features UK producer Grovesnor (aka Rob Smoughton, the drummer of Hot Chip) dishing up the sweetly-smooth vocals.

The music video pays homage to Daft Punk‘s Interstella along with anime/game characters of the 80s, such as Mega Man.

‘With You’ is available now on iTunes.

This isn’t the first time Flight Facilities have represented the past in their music videos. ‘Foreign Language’ (directed by Dimitri Basil) features characters similar to those which appeared in 1970’s TV shows – namely Hawaii Five-O and Charlie’s Angels.

However, the video/single which kicked off their popularity was ‘Crave You.’ It tells the story of two teenagers experiencing cases of overcharged hormones.

All of their singles to date sport memorable vocals and repetitive lyrics, coupled with imagery reminiscent of the past. It’s no break-through that videos which leverage such icons encounter major popularity. The duo have been very clever with how they’ve positioned themselves. For Flight Facilities, the only way is up.

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