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Elizabeth Rose: Interview

Elizabeth Rose is Sydney’s latest up-and-coming producer. She’s about to embark on a tour and is preparing for the mid-year release of her debut EP, which features collaborations with a stack of talented producers and bands. We thought, what better time to have a bit of a chinwag with her about life, music and future, than now.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
(Laughs) I’m at home, in my bedroom and still in my pyjamas. That’s a good one! Just chilling out a bit before heading to work at 12PM. What is your day job? I work in a fashion store a few days a week. Retail is killing me (laughs). Have you ever had a customer recognise you? Well, the guy at the news-agency recognised me the other day. He saw an interview I did on Lateline. It was so cute, he came up to me and said: “do you play music?” and he played a little piano charade. I went bright red (laughs).

Life must be pretty crazy for you at the moment?
It’s getting really busy, but it’s good! I’ve started getting more exposure internationally, which is amazing. It’s all thanks to Sinden, who I’ve been working with. He played ‘Ready’ on his radio show in the UK a few times, so I’ve been getting a lot of his followers. Then I also had a Facebook message from two guys from Warner Publishing in the UK, which was really weird. I’m not quite ready for publishing yet but I thought that was pretty cool!

Are you ready to kick off your live shows next week?
Oh, God yes (laughs). I can’t believe it’s next week! I’m really looking forward to the tour. I just hope people turn up to the shows (laughs). That’s one thing I’m worried about actually, if people in the other cities know of me and come along. What can we expect from a live performance? It’s just me with a laptop, keyboard and a sampler. So, I’m constantly doing a few things at once, which I’m getting used to. At first it was really hard to coordinate everything; like pushing buttons, playing the keys and singing (laughs). I like to dress-up a little bit when I play too (laughs).

Radar Music has just dubbed you as being one of top 20 electronic artists we all need to keep an eye on.
I was so shocked when I heard that. The funny thing is that I am the only girl on the list. But I guess it makes you think there aren’t many female producers out there, which is a shame.

You’ve been a part of a few collaborations over the last 12 months. RÜFÜS and Dr. Don Don and now Sinden to name a few. Do you have any more in the works?
I did a track with Flight Facilities recently. Hopefully that’ll be out in Spring this year. I’m really excited about it. I’m also doing a Chairlift remix at the moment. Hopefully that one will be out soon too. I’m working with Frames as well. He is another awesome Sydney producer. That one is about half done and sounding really cool. I love what he does.

What can you tell us about the forthcoming EP?
It’s due out around the end of July. It has a bunch of original songs including ‘Ready’ as well as the Sinden track. I’m really really excited about it!

Here’s Elizabeth Rose’s latest single ‘Ready’:


And here are the tour details:

Friday, May 25 @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide – tickets available on the door.
Saturday, May 26 @ The Toff, Melbourne – buy tickets here.
Thursday, May 31 @ Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane – buy tickets here.
Friday, June 1 @ Elsewhere Bar, Gold Coast – buy tickets here.
Friday, June 8 @ The Standard, Sydney – buy tickets here.
Saturday, June 9 @ Transit Bar, Canberra – tickets available on the door. |

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