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Zulu Winter: Interview

Having only formed last year, five piece indie rock lads Zulu Winter are already making a name for themselves as being THE band of 2012. They’ll be heading down to Australia in July for Splendour In The Grass 2012. Ahead of this though, we spoke to frontman Will Daunt in a van, post-gig.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
[Laughs] I’m sitting in a van driving back from a show in Birmingham. It’s about twenty past midnight and our guitarist (Henry Walton) is playing a Batman game on his MacBook. I’m wearing a pair of Vans and a beanie. Is that all? Yeah, that’s it. Just my Vans and a beanie [laughs]. No, no. I’m really boring – I’m just wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Given that there’s five of you in the band, are there many punch-ups whilst on tour?
We’ve had a few little ones, I guess. No punch ups – we don’t punch [laughs]. We’re quite chilled people. We like to call each other ‘love’ and ‘darling’ and drink beer and have nice conversations.

Are you ready for your trip to Australia for Splendour In The Grass?
It’s an exciting thing for a new band to come to Australia because it’s not often that a band like us gets to make it out there. We feel really privileged. We’ll be there for nine days which is going to be great. Some of the guys in the band have never been ‘Down Under’ so it’s going to be wicked all round. By the way, how much does a beer cost in Australia, like how much does a pint cost in a bar? You can get a pint at some pubs for around $10 or a schooner for $5 to $8. Ah, good. It’s just that someone told us recently that it’s about $20 for a pint of beer there. I’m glad that’s not true [laughs].

Will you be stalking Jack White or Billy Corgan at Splendour? 
Maybe… Well, no. It’s not really cool to stalk people anymore [laughs]. I was a huge fan of Smashing Pumpkins when I was a kid and I’m a huge Jack White fan now. I actually got to watch The Dead Weather from backstage at Glastonbury about three years ago. I don’t normally get star-struck but Jack White walked right passed me after they played and I had this weird moment. I think I might avoid Jack White just in case I say something weird to him [laughs].

Zulu Winter’s debut record Language is out this week. Bet you’re all excited about that!
Of course! It’s exciting and it’s scary because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m really proud of it. We want to be a great live band so we really hope it all comes together the way we hope it does. We just can’t wait for people to hear it.

Besides a butt-load of touring, what else can we expect from Zulu Winter in 2012?
We’ve already started writing for our second album. So with that, I wouldn’t be surprised if we released an EP by the end of the year. Also, we’ve been making a video for our next single. We just want to play as many shows and be as good as we possibly can.

Here’s the music video for latest single ‘Silver Lounge’:

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Followed by, ‘We Should Be Swimming’:

Zulu Winter’s debut LP Language will be available around the globe on May 14 via Play It Again Sam Recordings.

As mentioned, Zulu Winter will be in the country in July/August for Splendour In The Grass. |

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