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Matthew Dear: Her Fantasy [New Music]

Matthew Dear has a delicious, new six-minute track for us today, full of synthy goodness and jungle-like beats.

Called ‘Her Fantasy,’ it’s the first official single to come from forthcoming record Beams, the follow-up to 2010’s Black City:

The single also comes with it’s own b-side track of course. It’s called ‘Crimewaves’ and it’s just as delicious:

Earlier this year, he brought us the Headcage EP – its title track featuring on the new record.

Stream Matthew Dear’s Headcage EP right here.

Beams is out August 27 via Dear’s own label, Ghostly International.



Total Warr: Interview

With Total Warr (pronounced Total Wah) unleashing their new EP next week, we jumped on the Skype machine for a chat with one-half of the Parisian duo. Kiki was drinking his morning coffee at the time, from a Guns N’Roses mug.

Imagine all of his responses in a very cool albeit dreamy French accent.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Now, I’m in my room in Paris, I just woke up and I’m wearing a t-shirt (laughs).

How did you first meet GuiGui?
We met about six or seven years ago, partying and drinking beers with friends. We had a bunch of friends in common and we were both drummers in lots of bands. Then about two years ago we decided to start a band. We didn’t know what music we were going to play. We were like: “let’s do a band together. Maybe it’ll be all drumming, maybe it’s going to be just drums and synth, and maybe black metal.”  We just didn’t know what would happen (laughs).

Who would you say were the main influences for Total Warr’s sound?
When we first started we were talking about bands like Ganglians, Animal Collective, Yeasayer, BeckBeach House and even Bon Iver.

Congrats on the third EP. When are you going to give us an album?
(Laughs) Well, we have this EP now and then we have our next EP in October. We hope to have an album ready early next year, I suppose. We need to write more music for that to happen. Will the album be a collection of the EP tracks or made up of new ones? I think it’ll be both. There’ll be maybe three songs from the EPs and then all the rest new. We are actually looking for a good record company to work with and we’ll see what they want to do.

What could we expect from a live Total Warr gig? 
We try to play as many instruments as we can but we have had to get a third member for our live shows. He deals with launching any backing tracks, playing live synth and bass. So, we play almost all the instruments live. Our shows are fun and dancey. We love looking out and seeing people dancing from a fun live show. Can we expect to see you play in Australia sometime soon? I hope so. I’d really like to come to Australia.

One of our favourite Total Warr tracks is ‘Please Never.’
We wrote that one way back in the beginning. It was just a really fun track to write and play. We like to write fun, catchy melodies and have these horrible lyrics where we talk shit about people (laughs). This song is about that ex-girlfriend that you never want to see again. You’ll always be there for her if there is a problem but you just basically never want to see her face anymore. Is it about someone in particular? GuiGui wrote the lyrics for that one. I don’t think there was anyone in particular in mind (laughs).

If you could create the ultimate band, whom would you choose to have in it?
Umm, I’d have to say Ruth Radelet from Chromatics (laughs), Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Can I choose dead people? Yeah, of course! Well then I choose Kurt Cobain too (laughs).

Total Warr’s latest Corbay EP is out on June 11.

Below we have a live video of the boys performing the EP’s first single ‘xxx HATE xxx’:

Now, our favourite Total Warr track, ‘Please Never’:


Summer Camp: Always [New Music]

Rejoice as British synth-pop duo  have dropped a new disco jam for us. Called ‘Always,’ it works its way right into your disco-pores.

WARNING: uncontrollable chair-dancing imminent:

The above track will be featured on Summer Camp’s upcoming Always EP along with previously released gem ‘Life’:

Summer Camp’s Always EP will be available on July 10 through Moshi Moshi.


Album Streams







Kudos:  3voor12, NPR and Spinner

Azealia Banks: 1991 [Spotify EP Stream]

Harlem-based songstress and current blogosphere sensation Azealia Banks has released her latest four song EP, 1991. Its an addictive offerring formed out of techy, uptempo beats and Azealia’s lyrical talent.

Stream 1991 below. Just the inclusion of her ‘212′ hit already makes it worth the listen.

1991 is available for digital purchase now. Alternatively, pick up a physical copy on June 12.

Finish up with the music video for her hit track, ‘212’ featuring Lazy Jay:

[yframe url=’’]


Catch Azealia Banks in Australia for this year’s Splendour in the Grass.

Bobby Womack vs. Lana Del Rey: Dayglo Reflection [New Music]

Deep-soul multi-instrumentalist and legend Bobby Womack will soon release his first record (of original tracks) in over 18 years.

The Bravest Man In The Universe has been co-produced by Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) and XL Recordings’ Richard Russell. The record also sports collaborations with Fatoumata Diawara, Gil Scott-Heron and Lana Del Rey.

Take a listen to ‘Dayglo Reflection,’ the album’s second single featuring Splendour In The Grass artist Lana Del Rey:

The first single release was ‘Please Forgive My Heart’:

Bobby Womack’s The Bravest Man In The Universe hits stores on June 12 via XL Recordings.

Philosophy Of Sound: Freedom, What For? [Fresh Meat]

Melbourne has been pumping out some great indie-dance acts of late – Back Back Forward Punch and DEJA are testament to this.

Joining the ranks of brilliant up-and-comers are Philosophy Of Sound. The disco duo have just released the music video for their latest single. ‘Freedom, What For?’ sports a deep, dirty groove that is begging for a good ass shaking.

Dig it? Check out the video for Philosophy Of Sound’s debut single of 2011, called ‘It Is Like That’:

A.N.D.Y. & Vicente: Traffic [EP Stream]

Belgium-born beat-maker Andy Faisca aka A.N.D.Y. has dropped debut EP Traffic.

Traffic sees A.N.D.Y. teaming up with fellow Belgium newcomer Vicente. The record’s title track oozes ’80s disco-pop grooves. However, it’s the EP’s b-side track ‘El Barrio’ that has been copping all the remix attention, having been picked-up by the likes of Jessie Oliver and The Superman Lovers.

Grab a copy of A.N.D.Y. & Vicente’s Traffic right here.

The National vs. Game of Thrones: The Rains Of Castamere [New Music]

Cincinnati lads The National have produced a song to feature on the second season soundtrack of HBO‘s phenomenally successful TV series, Game of Thrones. Listen to ‘The Rains of Castamere’ below and subsequently nerdgasm.

Game Of Thrones: Season Two soundtrack will be unleashed on June 19 via Varese Sarabande.

01. Main Title
02. The Throne Is Mine
03. What Is Dead May Never Die
04. Warrior Of Light
05. Valar Morghulis
06. Winterfell
07. Qarth
08. Wildfire
09. I Am Hers, She Is Mine
10. Pyat Pree
11. Don’t Die With A Clean Sword
12. We Are The Watchers On The Wall
13. Pay The Iron Price
14. One More Drink Before The War
15. House Of The Undying
16. Stand And Fight
17. The Old Gods And The New
18. Mother Of Dragons
19. I Will Keep You Safe
20. The Rains Of Castamere (The National)
21. Three Blasts |

Antony And The Johnsons: Rise [New Music]

Antony And The Johnsons have released new track ‘Rise,’ written especially for Coral Rekindling Venus – a film by Australian artist Lynette Wallworth.

The film is: “An extraordinary journey into a mysterious realm of fluorescent coral reefs, bioluminescent sea creatures and rare marine life, revealing a complex community living in the oceans most threatened by climate change”

Donations are being asked for, in return for a download of ‘Rise.’ Alternatively, you can be an ass and download it for free.

Coral Rekindling Venus is launching in planetariums worldwide on June 5 to celebrate the Transit of Venus and World
Environment Day. |

DEJA: Atrophy [Fresh Meat]

We stand-by the idea that Melbourne is Australia’s breeding ground for talented, electro artists. Proving this point is DEJA, AKA Jack Arentz and Claire Rayner.

The dynamic duo have  just released ‘Atrophy,’ the first single from their forthcoming debut album. Their vibe is similar to that of fellow Melbourne act and honorary stags Back Back Forward Punch.

Mosman Alder: Interview + EP Stream

From the depths of Brisbane emerged indie 6-piece Mosman Alder. Their debut EP is about to hit stores and a few live gigs have been locked-in for June/July, including a spot on the Splendour In The Grass bill. Last week, we spoke to Kat – the redheaded pianist, about hopes, Splendour stalking and Arcade Fire.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
[Laughs] I’m in the Dew Process office in Brisbane and I’m wearing a Besnard Lakes t-shirt, a black denim skirt, and some stockings [laughs].

For the second year running, you’ve scored a spot on the Splendour In The Grass line-up.
The line-up is phenomenal. It’s just going to be a lot of adrenalin-fuelled fun. Last year there were definitely a lot of nerves running wild. We played on the Sunday so I guess we couldn’t really relax and enjoy ourselves too much before playing. But it was still just really exciting – the vibe was amazing and the show went really well.

Who will you be stalking at Splendour this year? 
[Laughs] I do love Smashing Pumpkins and I have always loved The White Stripes, although I’m not too sure how I feel about Jack White’s new stuff just yet. It would be cool to meet them. Lana Del Rey will be interesting, I think. I do love Tame Impala as well. I’ve never seen them play before so I’m really excited.

How do you feel about being compared to Arcade Fire?
Awesome [laughs]. I can see how people can make that connection to our style of songs, especially with ‘Raising Heart.’ Also, we are huge Arcade Fire fans so it’s an amazing compliment for us to hear that.

Your debut EP is out next week. Was the recording process an easy one?
It wasn’t too difficult. We had the songs already laid out and ready to go. It was just a matter of experimenting and changing a few things around in the studio. The overall production time seamed to take a long time due to outside influences, like the studio having to close down due to renovations. The entire recording process took us about 15 days but that was spanned over about 6 months [laughs].

What does Mosman Alder have planned for the near future?
I’m hoping we will have an album out next year but that isn’t even in the works just yet [laughs]. Definitely a lot of touring around the country and hopefully some overseas shows as well.

Check out Arcade Fire-esque track ‘Raising Heart’:

Mosman Alder have a few non-Splendour dates planned for next month. Entry is $10 at the door.

Friday, June 15 – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
Friday, June 22 – The Grace Darling, Melbourne
Saturday, June 23 – FBi Social, Sydney

Mosman Alder’s debut EP Burn Bright is available for purchase this week and you can stream it right here:

Friday MixTape #94

Shake it all about.


1. The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love (Pional Remix)
2. Caseno – La Vendetta     
RAC – Hollywood (ft. Penguin Prison) (The Magician Remix)  
Owl Eyes – Break In (Knightlife Remix)
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Rex The Triangle Remix)    
 Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Penguin Prison Remix)   
Flight Facilities – With You (ft. Grovesnor) (Flight Facilities Extended Mix)      
 Aston Shuffle – Won’t Get Lost (RUFUS Remix)    
 Moskva – True Young For Love      
Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Punks Jump Up remix)   
Bonde do Rolê – Kilo (Turbotito Reggae Party Remix)  
 YACHT – Le Goudron (Brigitte Fontaine Cover) (YACHT Remix)
 A-Trak – Money Makin’ (ft. Dillon Francis)
14. Radiohead – Street Spirit (Symbiotic Remix)
15. BENI – Someone Just Like You (Posso Remix)
16. Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
17. Hot Chip – Night And Day (Daphni Mix)
18. Casual Encounters – Take The Hit (ft. Rhythm Operator)
19. Edda Magnason – Jona (Vidderna Remix)
20. Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Fred Falke Remix)

Clubfeet: City Of Lights / This Time [New Music]

Synth-pop Melbourne quartet Clubfeet are gearing up for the late 2012 release of their sophomore record. Ahead of this however, they’ve unleashed a double A-side EP titled City Of Lights / This Time.

Grab a copy of Clubfeet’s City Of Lights / This Time.

Let’s end with two positively familiar tracks from 2010’s debut record Gold on Gold. First up is ‘Last Words’:

Followed by ‘Edge Of Extreme’:

Music + Video =

Sigur Rós – Ég Anda:  


Darkside (Nicolas Jaar) – ‘A1’:  


MS MR – ‘Hurricane’:   


POP ETC – ‘Keep It For Your Own’:  


Friends – ‘Mind Control’:  


Bear In Heaven – ‘Sinful Nature’:  


Sleigh Bells – ‘Demons’:   


Hot Chip – ‘Night & Day’:  


Lemâitre – ‘Time To Realize’:   


T.E.E.D – ‘American Dream Part II’: