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Lancelot: Interview + EP Stream

Lancelot is 22 year-old Sydney producer Lance Gurisik. He’s been well busy writing and producing sexy-electro beats of late, aimed squarely at today’s retro-club scene. With his debut EP almost set for release, we thought it’d be an ideal time to catch up – we were wrong. Lance was driving at the time of call, sourcing parts for his soon-to-be “fucking epic” computer. “I’m good now” was our cue to interrogate him.

Did it take you long to ready the EP for release? The process is always a dragged out one. Writing was done over a period of six months. In the beginning, ‘We Can Dance’ was actually a lot different to what it is now. It was much faster and had a much clubbier sound. As soon as we had reworked it and were happy with the style, ‘Spoken Word’ just came out really easily and ‘Daphnis The Nymph’ wasn’t far behind. The whole release period seemed to take forever. It was originally set for December but was pushed back to January, and pushed back again to February. Really frustrating.

You’ve burst onto the scene in a massive way. The Magician has given you two appearances on his monthly MagicTapes! I was always thought how cool it would be to be associated with The Magician’s mixtapes. To have it happen twice in a row is just fucking awesome. It all happened over there [Belgium] while we were sleeping so when I woke up to see a message from my manager saying you’re in the tape again, I was like “WHAT? Now way!” It was like Christmas!

‘Spoken Word’ has only been up on SoundCloud for three weeks and it’s received 25,000+ plays. I can’t believe it. It was really overwhelming having hundreds of ‘favourites’ and comments. It’s been unreal. I’m just the new kid on the block but The Magician and Gigamesh along with other amazing producers are getting behind and supporting my stuff. The Matt Corby remix I did has copped a few thousand plays now too, which I was really surprised about. I wasn’t sure how that one was going to be received.

Do you score a lot of remixing requests? Yeah, I do. I have some interesting ones in the works at the moment. I’ve had to knock back some lately because I’ve been too freaking busy. Things have been going nuts. I keep thinking: “How is it that I’m having to knock these back? How did that happen?” [Laughs].

The EP teaser clip for We Can Dance EP is a little interesting. [Laughs] I think I just typed, “weird guy dancing” into YouTube and I found this ridiculous clip of a guy dancing to a Black Eyed Peas song. I thought that if I just muted this, it could be really awesome. It’s almost like all his dance moves actually change with each different track preview change. It looks like it has all been choreographed! [Laughs] I can assure you though that it wasn’t. Do you have plans for an official music video? Not at this point. I’m not really in a rush to get that underway. I might not even do one. I want to focus on everything that is going on right now and maybe do the music video thing for my next EP.

What else can we expect from Lancelot in 2012? I’m already working on my next EP, which I hope to have out by the end of the year. I’ll also be flat-out doing remixes of course, putting out my KnighTime Mixes, as well as a bunch of local gigs. There may be some supporting of big guys from overseas but that’s all I can say for now [laughs]. I’m so thankful to everyone for all their support – all the bloggers, all the fellow producers getting behind my music. It’s just amazing.

Take a look at the teaser video for We Can Dance:

Now, cop a stream of the We Can Dance EP before you buy your very own copy:

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