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BENI: Interview

Australian disco-dance producer BENI has returned to his Sydney studio for a short stint. We were lucky to catch up with him to discuss debut record House of Beni along with the height of his collaborators before he jet off back to Miami.

House of Beni is out on the streets. How’s the ride so far? It’s been great. I just got back from touring in America the other day and I’m heading back to Miami in a few weeks. I’m back again for Groovin The Moo and a tour with Digitalism in May. The debut album was a long time coming so it feels great to finally have it our there.

We’re massive fans of The Rapture from way back. How did you manage to collaborate with Mattie Safer on the album? I met him a couple of times – once while he was touring with The Rapture a while ago and then again in Paris. We got talking and from there I sent him something I was working on via email. He wrote some lyrics and then I went to New York to record the track with him. It was kind of easy since we’re friends but I was really lucky to get him on board all the same. The music video for ‘Someone Just Like You’ is somewhat babe-saturated. [Laughs] that was all director Jared Eberhardt‘s doing. It turned out a lot different than I thought it would. I really like it.

Did you have much input in the music video for ‘It’s A Bubble’? We wanted to do something similar to documentary Paris Is Burning. So we met up with French director Cédric Blaisbois after speaking over Skype a few times and exchanging ideas. I love it and it’s really quite funny. Some people think it’s real, some don’t. You’ll never know [laughs].

We have a total crush on Nomi Ruiz. What was it like working with the Jessica 6 front-woman? It was great. She’s amazing and her voice is incredible. I did ‘Sway’ with her at the same time I was in New York recording with Mattie. She’s fucking tall too. I mean, I’m not very tall which makes everyone seem tall but she is pretty, fucking tall. Are you a shorty? Hmm, average [laughs]. Some people say I’m short. Mattie Safer is pretty short too, right? Yeah, I’m a little bit taller than him I think, but he’d probably say that he was a little bit taller than me [laughs].

What should we expect from your upcoming live shows at Groovin The Moo and the Digitalism tour? I’m putting together a special live show. It’s a bit of a secret actually. Does the secret show include some sexy choreographed dancing per chance? [Laughs] maybe. I do love dancing. Can we expect to see you busting out some moves too? [Laughs] nah man. I’ll be the one hiding behind the table at the back.

What else can we expect to see from BENI in 2012? There’s going to be a butt-load of touring. I’m also collaborating with a few people for a new EP when I head to America in a few weeks. The single for ‘Last Night’ will be released soon featuring remixes from Brodinski and Oliver $. I want to start working on the second album by the end of the year. 2012 will see lots of new music and lots of shows.

Here is the above-mentioned music video for ‘Someone Just Like You’ featuring Mattie Safer:

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As well as ‘It’s A Bubble’:

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BENI is doing a free show on Friday March 2 at Cherry Bar, Sydney. If you’re in Melbourne, catch him playing at Treehouse Club on Saturday March 3.

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