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Vivid LIVE Festival: 2012

Vivid LIVE, Sydney’s annual light, music and ideas festival, revealed today via Triple J a couple of the musical heavyweights that will be appearing on the line-up.

So far, we can expect to see unique performances from the ever so talented Sufjan Stevens and The National‘s Bryce Dessner. 2012’s guest curator is Fergus Linehan, head of contemporary music at Sydney Opera House. Previous years have seen Modular’s Stephen “Pav” PavlovicBryan Eno and Lou Reed curate the 10 day event.

The event will take place from May 25 to June 11.

Expect to see the full line up on March 15.


Pains of Being Pure at Heart: Acid Reflex [EP Stream]

Record Store Day, the yearly celebration of independent music and artists, is almost upon us. It goes down on April 21 and already we’re starting to see some of the works that will be served up on the day.

Brooklyn based indie-pop quartet The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are celebrating this year’s RSD by releasing the Acid Reflex remix EP.

The release collects new remixed versions of tracks from 2011’s Belong record. The re-worked tracks come from the likes of  Violens, Washed Out, Saint Etienne and Twin Shadow.

Check it:

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The EP will be available on April 21 digitally and on coloured vinyl via Play It Again Sam.  |

BENI: Interview

Australian disco-dance producer BENI has returned to his Sydney studio for a short stint. We were lucky to catch up with him to discuss debut record House of Beni along with the height of his collaborators before he jet off back to Miami.

House of Beni is out on the streets. How’s the ride so far? It’s been great. I just got back from touring in America the other day and I’m heading back to Miami in a few weeks. I’m back again for Groovin The Moo and a tour with Digitalism in May. The debut album was a long time coming so it feels great to finally have it our there.

We’re massive fans of The Rapture from way back. How did you manage to collaborate with Mattie Safer on the album? I met him a couple of times – once while he was touring with The Rapture a while ago and then again in Paris. We got talking and from there I sent him something I was working on via email. He wrote some lyrics and then I went to New York to record the track with him. It was kind of easy since we’re friends but I was really lucky to get him on board all the same. The music video for ‘Someone Just Like You’ is somewhat babe-saturated. [Laughs] that was all director Jared Eberhardt‘s doing. It turned out a lot different than I thought it would. I really like it.

Did you have much input in the music video for ‘It’s A Bubble’? We wanted to do something similar to documentary Paris Is Burning. So we met up with French director Cédric Blaisbois after speaking over Skype a few times and exchanging ideas. I love it and it’s really quite funny. Some people think it’s real, some don’t. You’ll never know [laughs].

We have a total crush on Nomi Ruiz. What was it like working with the Jessica 6 front-woman? It was great. She’s amazing and her voice is incredible. I did ‘Sway’ with her at the same time I was in New York recording with Mattie. She’s fucking tall too. I mean, I’m not very tall which makes everyone seem tall but she is pretty, fucking tall. Are you a shorty? Hmm, average [laughs]. Some people say I’m short. Mattie Safer is pretty short too, right? Yeah, I’m a little bit taller than him I think, but he’d probably say that he was a little bit taller than me [laughs].

What should we expect from your upcoming live shows at Groovin The Moo and the Digitalism tour? I’m putting together a special live show. It’s a bit of a secret actually. Does the secret show include some sexy choreographed dancing per chance? [Laughs] maybe. I do love dancing. Can we expect to see you busting out some moves too? [Laughs] nah man. I’ll be the one hiding behind the table at the back.

What else can we expect to see from BENI in 2012? There’s going to be a butt-load of touring. I’m also collaborating with a few people for a new EP when I head to America in a few weeks. The single for ‘Last Night’ will be released soon featuring remixes from Brodinski and Oliver $. I want to start working on the second album by the end of the year. 2012 will see lots of new music and lots of shows.

Here is the above-mentioned music video for ‘Someone Just Like You’ featuring Mattie Safer:

[yframe url=’′]

As well as ‘It’s A Bubble’:

[yframe url=’′]

BENI is doing a free show on Friday March 2 at Cherry Bar, Sydney. If you’re in Melbourne, catch him playing at Treehouse Club on Saturday March 3.

Aeroplane: February 2012 Mix

The latest monthly mix from Aeroplane has landed. It’s oozing disco beats.

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1. This is A Recording – Southern Neon Lights [Gazeebo’s Northern Funk Remix]
2. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco [Joakim Dub Remix]
3. Days of Funk – Dance School
4. PBR Streetgang – Downstroke
5. Videodrome – Tempation’s Daughter
6. Mam – Modern Heat
7. Cosmonauts – Stardusts
8. Lisa Shaw – Honey [David Hernandez Dub]
9. Arsenal – Melvin [Diskjokke Remix]
10. H.O.S.H. – What do you want me to say
11. The Mekanism – Can’t Believe [Mario Basonov Remix]
12. Gucci Vump – Feeling

Aeroplane: Monthly Mixes

Radiohead: Australian 2012 Tour

Rejoice, our prayers have been answered! After eight long years, Radiohead will be returning to Australia and gracing our eastern states with a tour.

Tuesday November 6 – Vector Arena, Auckland
Friday November 9 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Monday November 12 – Sydney Entertainment Centre
Tuesday November 13 – Sydney Entertainment Centre
Friday November 16 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday November 17 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

Officially, tickets for all shows go on sale 9AM Thursday March 1, however you can score pre-release Radiohead tickets here.

Friday MixTape #81

Put your hands up in the air and slap Mufasa in the face.

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1. Alpine – Hands  (Winterplan Remix)
2. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco  (ft. Beck)  (Joakim Remix)
3. Givers – Up Up Up  (Salad Remix)  
Lancelot – Daphnis The Nymph
Justin Faust – High Hopes  (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix)   
Polographia –  Tropic Fruit  (Frames Remix)
Perseus –  Seychelles
Lover Lover – Embers 
Sam Sparro – Happiness 
 letthemusicplay – Space   (The 2 Bears Remix)    
Miike Snow – Devil’s Work  (Bronze Whale Bootleg)    
JD Samson + MEN – Next  
MRTN – Slow (ft. Lovisa Negga)  (Max Smart Remix) 
Crystal Castles – Suffocation (HEALTH Remix)
15. The MNKY – Painted Soul  (Turmspringer Remix)
16. Gorillaz – DoYaThing  (ft. Andre 3000 and James Murphy)
17.  Geisha Twins – Dolla Dolla $$ (Original Mix)
18.  First Serve – Must be the music (ft. De La Soul) (Yuksek Remix)
19.  Jessica 6 – Prisoner of Love  (Sugar House Red Alert Mix)

Music + Video =

Gonjasufi – ‘The Blame’:  

Tennis – ‘Origins’:  

YACHT – ‘Shangri-La’:  

Little Dragon – ‘Crystalfilm’:  

Jagwar Ma – ‘Come Save Me’:  

Poliça – ‘Amongster’:  

No Ceremony/// – ‘Heartbreaker’:  

Lo-Fi-Fnk – ‘Kissing Taste’:  [vimeo 37250509 w=539&h=300]

Yuksek – ‘Off The Wall’: 

Spank Rock – ‘Car Song’ [ft. Santigold]:  

BENI – ‘Someone Just Like You’ [ft. Mattie Safer]:  

Diplo & Don Diablo – ‘Make You Pop’:  

Diplo & Oliver Twizt – ‘Go’:  

Last Dinosaurs: Interview

Out of Brisbane comes Last Dinosaurs, an indie-pop four-piece that are just about to drop their debut LP, In A Million Years. We had a very comfortable chat with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sean Caskey about the evolution of the Last Dinosaurs [sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves].

We’re pretty excited for the release of your record. Yeah, us too. It’s been ready for about 6 months now and we’ve been working on it for a couple of years. We’re very, very excited to finally get that out so that people can get an understanding of what we’re about. Was it a long process piecing it all together? Definitely. It was a matter of collating a bunch of songs that were worthy of describing what we are about and what we like to do.

Was it a difficult task agreeing on the album’s track order?   Yeah, agreeing on the order was a little hard because everyone had there own opinion. But we were all really happy with the selection of songs we had so it wasn’t too difficult sorting it out in the end. We end the record with the track ‘Weekend’ and it’s probably one of my favourite songs on the entire album. I love playing that one too.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences? I could seriously go on forever with that answer. One album we were all listening to heaps when coming close to recording the album was Twin Shadow. I wouldn’t really say it was an influence so much but it was something we were aware of and were listening to a lot. It was inspiring though, that album is a piece of art. One thing I really wanted to make clear while making our album was that it wasn’t just a collation of pop songs, it’s like a piece of art that the Last Dinosaurs have made.

Are you listening to any other albums at the moment?  For a long time I listened to Panda Bear‘s Person Pitch every night before I went to bed. Last night I listened to it three times in a row. That album just does it for me. I have an extreme attachment to that album.

Are there many punch-ups when you’re on the road together? [Laughs] No, funnily enough. I guess we’re all pretty chilled dudes most of the time. When we’re on tour together we are just partying so we aren’t really getting on each other’s backs. The only time when shit gets real is when we’re rehearsing. After long blocks of time we can be like “I fucking hate you” – it does get to that point sometimes. So we get punchy but we never actually throw a punch. I guess that’s because we’re all pussies [laughs].

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2012? In May we’re heading over to the UK to live for three months. We’ll be doing a bit of a tour around Europe, which is going to be off the hook. We’ve never been to Europe before so we’re extremely excited about going. We recently picked up Natasha Bent as our new booking agent, which is insane. She does Passion Pit, Foals and Foster The People. Something we really want to do this year is play at Fuji Rock Festival. That’s the dream. If we could do that, we could all die happy [laughs].

As mentioned, the guys are unleashing their debut LP next week. A string of celebratory, sold-out shows will follow. Details:

February 28 – The Toff, Melbourne
February 29 – Spectrum, Sydney
March 1 – Cobra Kai, Brisbane

If you weren’t lucky enough to score a gig ticket, check out the below music videos to see what you’ll be missing out on!


[yframe url=’’]


[yframe url=’’]


You can also cop a FREE stream of their debut album right here for a limited time.

JD Samson + MEN: Next [New Music]

Brooklyn’s gender-defying music collective known as JD Samson + MEN have released Next, their latest offering to hit dance-floors across the globe.

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Next is the first of four EPs that the trio have slated to release this year under their independent label, MEN Make Music.

JD Samson + MEN are Australia until March 4 gigging across the country and making a pit-stop at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Score all the JD Samson + MEN gig info here.

Santigold: Disparate Youth [New Music]

Philadelphian hip-hop princess Santi White AKA Santigold will be hitting us with Master of My Make-Believe in just a few months – her second full length album.

Take a squizz at ‘Disparate Youth’, the first official single to come from the LP:

[yframe url=’′]

The single is available via iTunes as of today accompanied by remixes from the likes of Switch (Major Lazer), Amateur Best and The 2 Bears.

Master of My Make-Believe also sees Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs lending a helping hand.

Before you jet, check out the Switch produced track, ‘Big Mouth’:

[yframe url=’’]

SBTRKT: Hold On [Sisi BakBak Remix]


According to Pitchfork, Thom Yorke has taken on a new alter-ego. He’s remixed SBTRKT‘s ‘Hold On’ under the moniker of Sisi BakBak.

The track aired last night on Seattle radio station KEXP 90.3 FM and was attributed to Sisi BakBak who they indicated would be playing at Key Arena very soon – Radiohead are booked in to play at the venue in April. In other evidence, the following tweet was published on behalf of BBC Radio: “Listening to the Thom Yorke mix of @SBTRKT for the 18th time…unbeatable!”

That’s the end of that chapter. Enjoy:

[yframe url=’’]

The remix will appear as a B-side on the Hold On single which is available to purchase via Young Turks.

Labyrinth Ear: Apparitions EP [Stream]

Last week, London-based electro duo Labyrinth Ear dropped new EP, Apparitions. Their sound has been described as “ice disco but with a warm beating heart.” For us, Apparitions is a total slow burner with infectious beats and sweetly buried vocal. Slightly less wanky description, right?

Stream it in full:

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Here’s the music video for closing track ‘Humble Bones’ which was featured in Friday MixTape #74:

[vimeo 34873721 w=539&h=300]

We leave you with the boobie-saturated video for latest single, ‘Amber’:

[vimeo 35252481 w=539&h=300]

Apparitions is available now online.

Parachute Youth: Can’t Get Better Than This [EP Stream]

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia is dance jam machine, Parachute Youth. Made up of Matt K Von and Jonny Castro, their debut EP Can’t Get Better Than This, is a sure-fire party starter.

Since the release of their incredibly addictive, bass driven title track, they’ve received a butt-load of air-play on Triple J – so you’re probably not a total stranger to their fine beats. Check out the full EP below:

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Can’t Get Better Than This is available now via Sweat It Out! Music.

Finish up with a viewing of the title track’s music vid:

[vimeo 32263362 w=539&h=300]