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Gigpiglet Presents: Live!@GPHQ w/ Old Man River [Competition]

It’s almost time for the third installment of Gigpiglet Recordings‘ exclusive series, Live!@GPHQ.

Sydney-based muso Andy Bull launched the series with a bang late last year. The following episode saw UK singer/songwriter Passenger take the stage and flaunt his talents. Both events were filmed and turned into 10 minute webisodes and premiered on

Episode three of Live!@GPHQ is locked in for Wednesday February 8 featuring local folk pro Old Man River.

We have TWO double passes to giveaway to this invite-only gig. To be in the running, comment below and tell us who your favourite old man is. Winners will be alerted on Friday, February 3.

We leave you with the music vid for Old Man River’s ‘La’ as well as the first two Live!@GPHQ webisodes:

[yframe url=’’]

[vimeo 31705621 w=539&h=300]

[vimeo 33511404 w=539&h=300]

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  1. Simon says:

    That dude who plays the drum in Newcastle!

  2. MicheyD says:

    My old man’s a dustman… He wears a dustman’s hat…

  3. Sienna says:

    Prince Philip. He’s ooollllldddd. And all he does is follow the queen around and stand where he’s told to stand. But never do we see him complain that he has the least manly job in the world, and his wife earns more than he does.

  4. Al says:

    has to be old man wayneo!

  5. KAG says:

    Gary. Gary Oldman. Old. Man. Oldman….see what I did there? ah, so witty

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