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Glasser: Interview

Last week, New York singer/songwriter Cameron Mesirow aka Glasser took some time out to chat with us about her debut record, 2012’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Australia’s sexy, Summer sun.

Back in September you released your debut album Ring. Was it a tough process getting it perfected or did it just fall into place naturally? I think it was both actually. My entire world seemed like it was kinda turned upside down while working on the album [laughs]. I don’t know, I do have the occasional flare for drama. I was feeling extremely dramatic when I was making Ring. I’ve definitely found the right way for me to do what I’m doing, and I’m loving it.

Has Ring been received as well as you would have hoped? Well for me it was the biggest thing I’ve done in my life, so it feels like such a huge accomplishment getting it finished and out there for everyone to hear. I didn’t know what people were going to think of it and I guess I was a bit worried about that. I love travelling and I knew I wanted to get out on the road with it and play my music to people. I never dreamed I would get asked to play on television but then NBC wanted me to play on one of their TV shows! [Laughs] it was weird but super cool.

Speaking of travelling, you hit the road earlier this year, scoring a few support gigs for amazing bands like The xxTV on the Radio and Jonsi. How was that?   Ahh yeah, they were amazing. It was just so surreal to be on tour and opening shows for artists as amazing as those. At the same time though, it felt really natural and really great. Whenever I play large theaters and other places larger than a club, it just feels incredible – it feels right. But I mean, playing small places definitely has its own merits but I have found the sound is so much better in a larger venue and the sound is something I really care about.

We’re really looking forward to you visiting us in March for the St. Jeromes Laneway Festival. I am so excited to come to Australia, I can’t even tell you. It’s perfect because I will be leaving Winter in New York for Summer Down Under [laughs]. I want to see as many acts on the bill as possible but mostly John Talabot, Chairlift and Sampha with SBTRKT. I am actually super excited to see all of those guys, particularly Chairlift because they have such an excellent new record coming out and I think they’re really great.

Did you have much input in the creation of your latest music video for ‘Mirrorage’? No, I didn’t really have that much input actually. The director for that was Carlos Charlie Perez. He is a hilarious person and he came up with the concept, which I really liked straight up. I just went with his ideas because I trusted him and it turned out great – it was really nicely done.

Finally, how did the name ‘Glasser’ come about?  It was part of a dream actually. It was a name in a dream that meant a lot to me and so it stuck [laughs].

You can catch the gorgeous Glasser in March for the St. Jerome’s Laneway FestivalsScore your tickets here.

Here’s the above mention music video for the track ‘Mirrorage’:

Ring is available now via True Panther Records.

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