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Friday MixTape #73


Pretty sure the picture says it all. Merry Christmas, y’all. Stay safe.


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1. Dillon – Thirteen 35  [Hannes Fischer Mirror Remix]
Bombay Bicycle Club – Leave It  [Flipbook Remix]
Joe Goddard – All I Know
Scenic – Another Sky  [The Magician Remix]
Young Liars – Colours  [Teen Daze Remix]
Norton – Coastline  [Cut Slack Remix]
Fabian – Last Flight  [Justin Faust Remix]
Holy Ghost! – I Wanted To Tell Her  [Pwndtiac Remix]
The Magician – Don’t Know What to Do (ft. Jeppe)  [Fabian Dub]
 Chateaubriand – The Sunset  [Knight One Remix]
Voltaire Twins – Romulus  [Moullinex Remix]
Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun  [The Slow Waves Remix]
The Knocks – Brightside  [’96 Bulls Remix]
Metric – Collect Call  [Adventure Club Dubstep Remix]
15. Miike Snow – Devil’s Work  [Alex Metric Remix]
16. Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care of You  [Mighty Mouse Remix]
17. DySFUNCTIONAL – Get Out Of Ma House
18. We Barbarians – Headspace  [Grouplove + Captain Cuts Remix]
19. Chad Valley – Fast Challenges  [Foals Remix]
20. Cut Copy – Sun God  [Andrew Weatherall Remix]

The Concept: D-D-Dance / Gimme Twice [Fresh Meat]

Newly formed, Swedish four-piece The Concept will be making waves in 2012, for sure. Their energetic indie-rock sound can be likened to that of Phoenix.

Take a listen to ‘D-D-Dance’ – their first tune to surface:

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Now, the video for latest release ‘Gimmie Twice’. The video was recorded entirely on an iPhone while on a writing trip to Venice.

[yframe url=’’]

TheConcept/Facebook | TheConcept/Soundcloud

Memoryhouse: The Kids Were Wrong [New Music]

From the depths of southern Ontario, Canada comes dream-pop duo Memoryhouse.

Evan Abeele (composer) and Denise Nouvion (vocalist) started out with the intent to create a collaborative multimedia art project, never actually intending to become a band at all. Lucky for us, their adolescent angst and curiosity took hold leading them down the path to create 2010’s debut EP, The Years. They’ve recently announced the release of a full-length record ready for early 2012 called The Slideshow Effect.

Here is a small taste of what you can expect. ‘The Kids Were Wrong’ is a cute, summery tune:

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The Slideshow Effect is due out on February 28 via Sub Pop Records. | Memoryhouse/Bandcamp

Music + Video =

James Blake – ‘A Case Of You’:  [yframe url=’’]

Lana Del Rey – ‘Born To Die’:  [yframe url=’’]

13 & God – ‘Amored Scarves’:   

LCD Soundsystem – ‘Live Alone’ (Franz Ferdinand Cover): [yframe url=’’]

The Arcade Fire – ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’:  [yframe url=’′]

Major Lazer – ‘Original Don ft. The Partysquad’:  [yframe url=’’]

Korallreven – ‘As Young As Yesterday’: [yframe url=’′]

Flight Facilities – Foreign Language [ft. Jess]: [yframe url=’’]

We Are The Works In Progress [Benefit Compilation Album]

We Are The Works In Progress is a 14 track benefit album to support the ongoing efforts to heal post-tsunami Japan.

Compiled by NY alt-pop trio Blonde Redhead, the record boasts a stellar cast of contributors such as Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife/Fever Ray), Deerhunter, InterpolNosaj Thing, Pantha Du Prince and Four Tet among others, all donating a track exclusively to the compilation.

Take a listen to Four Tet’s contribution, a brand-newy titled ‘Moma’:

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1. Four Tet: Moma
Karin Dreijer Andersson: No Face
Terry Riley: G Song
Nosaj Thing: Nightcrawler
John Roberts: Berceuse
Blonde Redhead: Penny Sparkle
Pantha Du Prince: Bird On A Wire
Broadcast: In Here The World Begins
Liars/Blonde Redhead: Drip
Deerhunter: Curve
Stalactite: Stalagmite
John Maus: Castles In The Grave
David Sylvain/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Bamboo House
Interpol: Song Seven

The compilation is out January 10 via Blonde Redhead’s newly formed label, Asa Wa Kuru – Japanese for ‘Morning Will Come’. You can however pre-order your copy now, right HERE.

All proceeds will go to Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund & Architecture For Humanity.

Aeroplane: Interview + Album Stream


Vito Aeroplane is in the country at the moment doing a few shows to promote his latest compilation, In Flight Entertainment. We were lucky enough to chat with him amidst his hectic touring schedule.

Vito, we spoke to you this time last year ahead of your set at Field Day, which was without a doubt one of our highlights of the festival. What can we expect from your set this time round? I never play the same set twice. I like to diversify the tracks as much as possible to keep it fun and interesting. It will be mainly a blend of disco and house music but I have also been getting into a bit of Detroit-techno lately, like Carl Craig kind of stuff. I’ll be mixing a bit of that into the sets in a way that won’t shock people too much. I feel that kids don’t really know what techno is – to them techno is Skrillex. I want people to be able to discover new things at my shows.

Your monthly mixes are pretty popular these days and they never cease to satisfy. You must receive a bunch of awesome tracks from around the world. I buy a lot of music. As soon as I hear something that I like, even if it’s one bar or one minute, I just buy it. It’s also a great advantage to receive all of this music and to not have to dig around looking for it all the time. I mean, some of the best tracks I have were actually sent to me. Just 15-minutes ago I received a brand new Joakim remix of a Tyson track. It definitely saves me a lot of time and effort but I am still looking for songs myself all the time.

How did you decide on which tracks to include on the In Flight Entertainment compilation? The decision was more about ‘who’ do I want to make tracks for because I wanted something that was amazing. I approached producers I was a fan of and they sent me some material. Then I had the hard task of working out the flow of the record. I was an hour away from sending everything for mastering and there was one song that didn’t fit anywhere. It was a great song but it was just not working – it was bringing the whole mix down. So I had to make the difficult decision to leave it out completely and once I did that, the whole mix just came together. Sometimes you can have a song you love so much that you carry around with you for months but just never find the right place or time to fit it in.

Can we expect a series of  In Flight Entertainment releases? Um, I don’t know yet. I was going to call this one In Flight Entertainment – Volume 1, so then I could do a Volume 2 etc – but I didn’t want to lock myself in to having to do another In Flight release.

What about a follow-up to We Can’t Fly? Is there something in the works?   Yes, definitely – that is planned already. I’m building a recording studio back in Belgium at the moment and it’s going to be finished when I get back after this tour. I didn’t want to start the album until the studio was finished because I am building it with a sound in mind. I want to have the perfect setting and the perfect sound before I start recording anything for that album. Have you got all of your material sorted or are you still working on it? I’m actually not writing anything. I’m just going to get into the studio and do it all naturally and spontaneously. I’ll start with whatever comes to mind, if it needs guitar I’ll put in some guitar, rehearse that, record it and then move on. The inspiration does just come. When you’re sitting in front of a 30-year-old synth, all of a sudden something comes out that you didn’t expect but it’s just what you were looking for. I’m going to go into the studio with no ideas and just see what comes out [laughs], get into the famous ‘zone’ [laughs].

Are you working on any other projects or collaborations at the moment? Yeah, I’ve just finished a remix of ‘Sail Away’ by The Rapture which will be coming out on a remix single really soon. It kind of sounds a bit like my Friendly Fires ‘Paris’ remix but with a bit more of the Detroit touch I was telling you about earlier. I’m always working on other people’s tracks and helping on their albums but I don’t really like to talk about that stuff too much until it’s all sorted out. You never know what might happen!

Any plans for New Year’s Eve? I’m not playing, so I might go to this crazy party at the Opera House with Frankie Knuckles and Riton who I have known for about 10 years. I’m playing on New Year’s Day but I can’t say where just yet. We can’t announce it until after certain dates etc.

Here is the above mentioned In Flight Entertainment LP:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Aeroplane’s New Year’s Day show has since been announced. He will be playing at the Ivy Pool Club – Secret Garden. Get your tickets HERE.

Aeroplane: Monthly Mixes

Sleigh Bells: Born To Lose [New Music]

‘Born To Lose’ is the brand new track from American noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells. It’s the first single to surface from their upcoming album Reign Of Terror, the follow up to 2010’s well received debut, Treats.

Sleigh Bells’ sophomore album will hit the internet on Valentine’s Day. Check the trailer out below along with the track-list.

Reign of Terror track-list:
1. True Shred Guitar
2. Born to Lose
3. Crush
4. End of the Line
5. Leader of the Pack
6. Comeback Kid
7. Demons
8. Road to Hell
9. You Lost Me
10. Never Say Die
11. D.O.A.

Glasser: Interview

Last week, New York singer/songwriter Cameron Mesirow aka Glasser took some time out to chat with us about her debut record, 2012’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Australia’s sexy, Summer sun.

Back in September you released your debut album Ring. Was it a tough process getting it perfected or did it just fall into place naturally? I think it was both actually. My entire world seemed like it was kinda turned upside down while working on the album [laughs]. I don’t know, I do have the occasional flare for drama. I was feeling extremely dramatic when I was making Ring. I’ve definitely found the right way for me to do what I’m doing, and I’m loving it.

Has Ring been received as well as you would have hoped? Well for me it was the biggest thing I’ve done in my life, so it feels like such a huge accomplishment getting it finished and out there for everyone to hear. I didn’t know what people were going to think of it and I guess I was a bit worried about that. I love travelling and I knew I wanted to get out on the road with it and play my music to people. I never dreamed I would get asked to play on television but then NBC wanted me to play on one of their TV shows! [Laughs] it was weird but super cool.

Speaking of travelling, you hit the road earlier this year, scoring a few support gigs for amazing bands like The xxTV on the Radio and Jonsi. How was that?   Ahh yeah, they were amazing. It was just so surreal to be on tour and opening shows for artists as amazing as those. At the same time though, it felt really natural and really great. Whenever I play large theaters and other places larger than a club, it just feels incredible – it feels right. But I mean, playing small places definitely has its own merits but I have found the sound is so much better in a larger venue and the sound is something I really care about.

We’re really looking forward to you visiting us in March for the St. Jeromes Laneway Festival. I am so excited to come to Australia, I can’t even tell you. It’s perfect because I will be leaving Winter in New York for Summer Down Under [laughs]. I want to see as many acts on the bill as possible but mostly John Talabot, Chairlift and Sampha with SBTRKT. I am actually super excited to see all of those guys, particularly Chairlift because they have such an excellent new record coming out and I think they’re really great.

Did you have much input in the creation of your latest music video for ‘Mirrorage’? No, I didn’t really have that much input actually. The director for that was Carlos Charlie Perez. He is a hilarious person and he came up with the concept, which I really liked straight up. I just went with his ideas because I trusted him and it turned out great – it was really nicely done.

Finally, how did the name ‘Glasser’ come about?  It was part of a dream actually. It was a name in a dream that meant a lot to me and so it stuck [laughs].

You can catch the gorgeous Glasser in March for the St. Jerome’s Laneway FestivalsScore your tickets here.

Here’s the above mention music video for the track ‘Mirrorage’:

Ring is available now via True Panther Records.

Friday MixTape #72

And then God parted the heavens and dropped a load of sexy beats.

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1. Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons  [Balam Acab Remix]
Feist – How Come You Never Go There  [Beck Remix]
The Miracles Club – I Can’t Help It
Blood Orange  – The Complete Knock  [Bottin Remix]
Trujillo – Distance  [The C90’s Remix]
Popular Computer – Lointain  [Blue Satellite Remix]
The Wombats – 1996  [Lenno Remix]
Filterphunk – Take Me [Filterphunk Sunshine Remix]
 Class Action – Weekend  [Young Edits Party Time Mix]
Jamiroquai – All Good In The Hood  [Anthony Atcherley Remix]
Jonas Rathsman – Tobago
Ren Riz – Eyes On You
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Heart Attack  [CSS Remix]
15. DySFUNCTIONAL – Always The Beast
16. Groove Armada – Rj’s Theme  [LaTourette Remix]
17. The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love  [Casual Encounters Remix]
18. M83 – Midnight City  [Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Disco Wobblez Bootleg]
19. Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle  [Reset! Turbofunk Remix]
20. Kings of Leon – The Immortals  [Röyksopp Remix]

Theme Park: Milk + Ghosts [Fresh Meat]

Introducing Theme Park, an indie-alt, 5 piece band hailing from ol’ London-town. They’ve just released a 7″ titled Milk/Ghosts which features two new, addictive tunes. Check ’em out below:

[yframe url=’’]


Mobile users, click here to listen.

We leave you with their debut 7”, A Mountain We Love/Wax:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Grab a copy of the Milk/Ghosts 7” HERE.

acid stag: Top 10 Albums of 2011

It’s that time of the year when we sit back and reflect on the music that 2011 served up. The past 11 and a half months was flooded with great albums, making it extremely difficult for us to form a top 10 systematically. Our list wasn’t based on a lengthy selection criteria – rather, on the amount of times a record was blasted throughout acid stag HQ‘s speakers.

We present to you, our favourite/most played albums of 2011 [click the album cover for a full stream]:

10. The Strokes: Angles

9. No Surrender: Medicine Babies

8. Hercules And Love Affair: Blue Songs

7. Junior Boys: It’s All True

6. The Black Ghosts: When Animals Stare

5. Bon Iver: Bon Iver


3. Holy Ghost!: Holy Ghost!

2. The Rapture: In The Grace Of Your Love

1. TV on the Radio: Nine Types Of Light

Honorable mentions (top 20):

11. Friendly Fires: Pala
12. Björk: Biophilia
13. Planningtorock: W
14. M83: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
15. Tom Vek: Leisure seizure
16. Lo-Fi-Fnk: Last Summer
17. Nerves Junior: As Bright As Your Night Light
18. Bibio: Mind Bokeh
19. Digitalism: I Love You, Dude
20. Washed Out: Within and Without

What were your top 10 this year?

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Goldfrapp: Yellow Halo [New Music]

Goldfrapp have announced they’ll be releasing a career-spanning retrospective of their biggest hits to date, calling it The Singles. The album will also feature two new songs form the electro duo, one of which we have for you below called ‘Yellow Halo’:

The Singles track-listing:

1. Ooh La La
2. Number 1
3. Strict Machine
4. Lovely Head
5. Utopia
6. A&E
7. Happiness
8. Train
9. Ride A White Horse
10. Rocket
11. Believer
12. Black Cherry
13. Yellow Halo
14. Melancholy Sky

The Singles is out on February 6. Pre-orders are open now from their website.

The National: Rylan + I Need My Girl [New Music]

Brooklyn-based sentimental-rockers The National have debuted two new songs on Canadian radio station CBC Q1 LIVE. The live recorded tracks were ‘Rylan’ and ‘I Need My Girl’.

 Mobile users, click here to listen.

 Mobile users, click here to listen.

There is no word as to where these new tracks will end up on a record. However, with the band touring meticulously this year on the success of High Violet along with contributing to soundtracks for indie films, video games and cover albums, we should be satisfied with the fact that they are working on any new material.

sElf: Looks And Money [New Music]

American multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer/songwriter and recording engineer Matt Mahaffey has released new single ‘Looks and Money’ under the moniker of sElf:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

He’s been quite busy of late collaborating with BeckLupe Fiasco, Charlotte GainsbourgHellogoodbye, Forever The Sickest KidsI Fight Dragons among many others, but somehow found the time get back into the studio to work with his own band. There is even talk of a new album on the way but nothing is confirmed as of yet. He’ll most likely continue to release new stuff whenever he has a spare second.

Here’s music vid for ‘Could You Love Me Now?’ – a track he released back in September ’10: | sElf/myspace

Music + Video =

Peaking Lights – ‘Hey Sparrow’:   

Kapowski – ‘Section 8’:   

Guards – ‘I See It Coming’: 

Phenomenal Handclap Band – ‘The Unknown Faces At Father James Park’:   

CREEP – ‘Animals [ft. Holly Miranda]’: 

Swiss Lips – ‘U Got The Power’:   

Azari & III – ‘Reckless With Your Love’:   

YELLE – ‘Comme Un Enfant’: 

YACHT – ‘I Walked Alone’:   

Holy Ghost! – I Wanted To Tell Her 

The Two Bears – ‘Work’:   

SONOIO – ‘Enough’: 

Avicii – ‘Levels’: