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Dems: House EP [Fresh Meat]

David Gardener, Duncan Mann and Dan Moss are London-based band dems and they’ve been busy readying the release of debut EP, House.  They have quite a fresh style about them – makes us think of Gotye making sweet love to the The xx. Their sounds sport a unique blend of blissed-out guitars, harmonic melodies and addictive bass beats, creating a sweet lo-fi, electro-folk vibe that is so easy to get into.

Below we have the two tracks from the EP. First up is ‘Down On You’:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Followed by ‘House’ in its music-vid format:

House EP drops on November 14 via Bad Life Recordings.

They also make a pretty mean remix. Check out their rework of the Conquering Animal Sound track ‘Tracer’:

  Mobile users, click here to listen. | dems/Soundcloud 

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