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The Philistines Jr.: If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods… [The National]

Connecticut folk crew The Philistines Jr. have been recruiting a stellar cast of artists/bands to record covers and remixes of their 2010 album, If a Band Plays in the Woods…?.

The aptly titled If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods… LP features reworks and remixes from the likes of Mates Of State, Jónsi and Alex, Mercury Rev, Frightened Rabbit, Tokyo Police Club, Tapes ‘N Tapes and The National among many others.

Take a listen to The National covering the track ‘Twenty Miles to NH Part 2’:

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1. The Kissaway Trail: Set List Title Cableguy
2. Locas in Love: Bushaltestelle (The Bus Stop Song)
3. Jónsi & Alex: B
4. Mates of State: Tarquin’s Half-Assed Mission Statement
5. Dazzled Kid: If I Did Nothing but Train for Two Years, I Bet I Could Be in the Olympics
6. We Were Promised Jetpacks: Hell, No! We Won’t Go!
7. Frightened Rabbit: My Brother Tom, The Green Beret
8. Dewanatron: Twenty Miles To NH (Part 1)
9. The National: Twenty Miles To NH (Part 2)
10. Nico Muhly: Working Title: The Mob Song
11. Tapes ‘N Tapes: If a Band Plays in the Woods…?
12. Mice Parade: A Trip Down the Rooster River
13. Mercury Rev: The End of the World, Again
14. The Mommyheads: Set List Title Cableguy
15. Joames Kochalka Superstar: The Bus Stop Song
16. Oneida: B
17. Golden Bloom: Working Title: The Mob Song
18. Tokyo Police Club: Set List Title Cableguy
19. Doveman: The End of the World, Again

If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods… is available November 1 via PJR’s own label, Tarquin Records.

We leave you with a full stream of 2010’s If a Band Plays in the Woods…?:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

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