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The Aston Shuffle: Interview + Album Stream

Last week we spoke with Vance Musgrove, one-half of Sydney-based dance duo The Aston Shuffle. We talk about being voted Australia’s No. 1 DJ, the release of their debut LP, upcoming solo/Parklife tour and their Friday night residency on Triple J. The boys have been busy…

Has the debut record been received as well as you had hoped?  Yeah mate, it’s been received way better than we had hoped for. We have had so much positive feedback on the record, positive reviews and pats on the back from all over the place – it’s been amazing. Our manager Andrew discovered that it was reviewed in Rolling Stone and got 4 stars which blew us away completely – that sort of reception was stuff that we never really expected on any level at all. We were feeling a little bit chuffed. Doing dance music we never really considered ourselves to be on their radar but that put a lot of wind in our sails.

With single ‘Start Again’, how did the Lovers Electric collab come about?   Eden Boucher from Lovers Electric also did the vocals for us on ‘Your Love’. We had heard a lot of Lovers Electric stuff over some time and her voice had always stood out to us. So we asked her to work with us on that track and then it just kind of blossomed from there. There definitely is something magical about her voice.

Last year you guys took out the number one spot on inthemix’s ‘Australia’s Best DJs’ poll. That would have felt pretty amazing. Yeah, that was definitely a moment to remember. It’s great to have that kind of accolade and it was definitely a great year on the DJ front.

From there you moved into an ongoing DJ spot at Triple J every Friday night. You must be enjoying that little project. Yeah it’s turned out better than we expected, we didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be. It is definitely one of the big highlights of our week. The Triple J guys have been so awesome in welcoming us to the family and teaching us how to sound okay and semi-decent on the radio. Fingers crossed they want us around for a little bit longer because I dont think we’re ready to stop doing it just yet.

Can you tell us about the new music that’s in the works? We actually just finished a new single this week. It’s all done and dusted now and we are super excited about it. It kind of came about really organically. We didn’t plan to have it out by any certain time or even set out to write a new one as matter of fact – this wave of new stuff just kind of washed over us during the last few months. There are some others that aren’t quite finished yet but this one just kind of fell together and what do you know, it’s done right before Parklife! We’ll definitely be showcasing this new one at Parklife in a few weeks. Who have you got doing the vocals on this new track? The dude on vocals is a guy from Melbourne called Styalz Fuego. He is a bit of a producer/songwriting machine. He’s done collaborations with a lot of different people – he’s a very busy young man. We’re all stoked on how well it came together and are really looking forward to playing it to everyone.

So with this wave of “new stuff” washing over you in the last few months, does this mean we can expect another album sooner rather than later?   Ummm, hahahaha! I’m really weary about saying anything about that just because the last time around, the instant we said we were working on an album it resulted in 12 months of just talking about it at every opportunity. We got burnt out just by talking about it for so long. So I dont want to commit to that but we are definitely flooded with inspiration at the moment and there is a lot of material being worked on. We don’t really know how or when it may come to fruition. Ask me that question again in a few months!

How do you guys handle life on the road? Haha, the life of a DJ is the life of constant touring. It’s easy to just pick up our DJ gear and laptop and just fly around the country playing gigs a lot – that’s basically what we do week-in, week-out. So the lifestyle of being on the road is something we are accustomed to. It’s just great playing a gig in a club somewhere and having someone come up and request an off-the-radar album track. The live tour we did post-album was amazing as hell. I mean, as amazing it is to walk off the stage after an awesome DJ set, it’s many times better to walk off after an amazing live set where you have just absolutely blown them all away for an hour with your own music. It’s rewarding in a completely different way. We are really hungry to keep that live momentum going.

We have Parklife coming up in just a few weeks. It has such an epic line-up this year. Anyone on the bill you guys are getting a bit excited about seeing or even meeting? I’m really keen to check out Kimbra because there is a lot of hype on her at the moment, especially with her album and the whole Gotye collaboration. Magnetic Man’s live show is meant to be ridiculous. The Naked & Famous – that album was pretty awesome, so we are really keen to see those dudes too. It’s going to be pretty hard to split our time between being nervous about playing and actually checking everyone out I think, hahaha!

One last question. If you could get any 3 people to put their vocals to one of your tracks, who would it be?  Alright, top 3 would be Paul Banks from Interpol, Gotye‘s voice is amazing and also Jessie ‘The Devil’ Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal. That would be pretty cool, his voice is amazing! Micha and I both have kind of eclectic tastes and I think we would both agree on those three. Top 3 for sure!

Check out the above mentioned new single – ‘Wont Get Lost’ featuring Styalz Fuego:

Be sure to get along to see The Aston Shuffle at this year’s Parklife – grab all the festival info HERE.

More you ask? How about a full stream of their debut LP, Seventeen Past Midnight?

And here’s the music vid for single ‘Start Again’ featuring Lovers Electric:

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Lastly, you can catch the boys every Friday night on Triple J, from 10PM to 1AM. |

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