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Jus†ice: Audio, Video, Disco [Video]

In case you hadn’t heard, Parisian electro duo Jus†ice will be thrown back into the spotlight next month upon the release of their sophomore LP Audio, Video, Disco.

The boys created the record in their home studio where they laboured meticulously to learn new instruments with the intent to perform and record all of the album’s instrumentation themselves. They did however seek an assortment of guest vocalists such as New York rocker Morgan Phalen (Diamond Nights), British pop singer Ali Love, and Vincenzi Vendetta of Aussie electro-rock trio Midnight Juggernauts (‘Ohio’ andCivilization’)

They’ve recently dropped the music vid for track 2 – the record’s title track:


Take another listen to the massively well received, first taste they gave us a few months back. Here’s ‘Civilization’ featuring Vincenzi Vendetta:


The Audio, Video, Disco single is out September 19 but you will have to wait until October 25 for the album. Both will be available via Sydney-based label Neon Records.

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