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Balam Acab: WANDER / WONDER [Album Stream]

Balam Acab, AKA 20 year-old Alec Koone, has made available his upcoming full-length debut WANDER / WONDER for all to stream before its official release on September 6.

His tracks bear a resemblance to James Blake‘s dark-synth style however they’re much more abstract and subaquatic. Angsty teens will listen to the album with great relish as themes of loneliness and alienation are heavily weaved throughout. This aside it feels like a great deal of time and care has been put into the crafting of WANDER / WONDER‘s subtle beauty. Listen to it in full below:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

WANDER / WONDER will be available September 6 via Tri Angle Records.

Finally, here’s 2010’s See The Birds EP for streaming also:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

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