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Canyons: Circadia / Under A Blue Sky [Singles]

Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomson are Sydney-based electro-rock duo Canyons. The boys have finally announced the release of their debut LP, Keep Your Dreams. It was almost 10 months ago now when they dropped the epic jungle-rock track ‘My Rescue’ which went on to become a massive favourite amongst the indie and commercial circuits alike – not to mention being remixed to the hilt.

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A few days ago, Modular posted a clip featuring what appears to be a combination of the two opening tracks from the debut album – ‘Circadia’ and ‘Under A Blue Sky’:

1. Circadia
2. Under A Blue Sky
3. My Rescue
4. See Blind Through
5. Sun And Moon
6. Blue Snakes
7. The Bridge
8. When I See You Again
9. Tonight
10. And We Dance
11. Land In Between

Keep Your Dreams will hit stores globally this November via Modular Recordings.

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