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Blonde Redhead: Penny Sparkle [Remixes]

Approximately 10 months ago, American alt-pop trio Blonde Redhead released LP number eight, Penny Sparkle. This week sees the surfacing of Penny Sparkle Remixes.

Artisits contributing reworked tracks are Pantha du Prince, Gayngs, Games (aka Ford & Lopatin), Salem, Becoming Real, and Kastellet.

You can stream and/or download the whole thing right here:

1. Here Sometimes (Gayngs Remix)
2. Here Sometimes (Pantha du Prince Remix)
3. Penny Sparkle (Salem Remix)
4. Here Sometimes (Becoming Real Remix)
5. My Plants Are Dead (Games Remix)
6. Love or Prison (Kastellet Remix)

Blonde Redhead will also be embarking on a European tour this August. Grab all the info from their tour page.

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