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Memory Tapes: Ghosting Notes [MixTape]

Chill-wave pioneer Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, has recently put together
an awesome 44-minute MixTape – mostly made up of songs he was listening to while recording his forthcoming LP, Player Piano. The mix includes some stunning previously unreleased Memory Tapes material as well as a few bits’n’pieces from the new record.


1. Memory Tapes: Fell Thru Ice 2
2. The Cookies: I Never Dreamed
3. Celestial Choir: Stand On The Word
4. Lindisfarne: Lady Eleanor
5. Gandalf: Me About You
6. Amnesty: We Have Love
7. Anna: Systems Breaking Down
8. Memory Tapes: Worries
9. David Bowie: Win
10. Funkadelic: March To The Witch’s Castle
11. Black Keys: Too Afraid To Love You (Memory Tapes Version)
12. Memory Tapes: Fell Thru Ice
13. Memory Tapes: music from Scott Eastwood art show
14. Memory Tapes: No. 79

Player Piano is out July 5 on Carpark Records. | |

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