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Memory Tapes: Ghosting Notes [MixTape]

Chill-wave pioneer Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, has recently put together
an awesome 44-minute MixTape – mostly made up of songs he was listening to while recording his forthcoming LP, Player Piano. The mix includes some stunning previously unreleased Memory Tapes material as well as a few bits’n’pieces from the new record.


1. Memory Tapes: Fell Thru Ice 2
2. The Cookies: I Never Dreamed
3. Celestial Choir: Stand On The Word
4. Lindisfarne: Lady Eleanor
5. Gandalf: Me About You
6. Amnesty: We Have Love
7. Anna: Systems Breaking Down
8. Memory Tapes: Worries
9. David Bowie: Win
10. Funkadelic: March To The Witch’s Castle
11. Black Keys: Too Afraid To Love You (Memory Tapes Version)
12. Memory Tapes: Fell Thru Ice
13. Memory Tapes: music from Scott Eastwood art show
14. Memory Tapes: No. 79

Player Piano is out July 5 on Carpark Records. | |

Aeroplane: May 2011

Get your dance pants on for Vito Aeroplane‘s monthly Mix. It features 12 glorious beat-happy tracks Vito has collected over the month just passed. Perfect way to start the week we reckon.

Mobile users, click here to listen!


1. ESG: What she came for
2. Michael King: Plum Bobb
3. Microsolco: A lion love
4. Hot Toddy & Danielle Moore: Won’t let go
5. Heiko Laux & Teo Schulte: Sound hug    [Daniel Bortz remix]
6. Silver Disco: Rock on
7. 6th Borough Project: Sometimes the fool
8. Mitzi: All I heard    [Bonar Bradberry remix]
9. Electric City: Electric City All Night    [Kolombo remix]
10. Tad Wily: Lonely night
11. Chris Malinchak: The fourth
12. Munk: La musica    [DJ Steef bootleg remix]

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The Flaming Lips/Prefuse 73: EP

The Flaming Lips have made another special delivery to Guestroom Records in Oklahoma. Last time Wayne Coyne dropped by the record store, he delivered five very magical Gummy Skulls, the time before he handed over exactly 1,000 copies of a 12″ vinyl collab seeing The Lips team up with chill-waver Neon Indian. Now, Coyne has dropped off a very limited number of psychedelically coloured vinyl EPs which sees The Lips working with avant glitch-hop producer Prefuse 73.

What could possibly come out of a collaboration between these two opposing yet magnetic experimental masterminds? Well, here is the answer:

‘Supermoon Made Me Want to Pee’:   

‘Heavy Star Movin’:   

‘Be Like That That That’:  

‘Guillermo’s Bolero’:   


South London DJ/producer SBTRKT is soon to release his long awaited self-titled debut LP. Last week he made an appearance on the British public-service network for brand-new program, Abbey Road Debuts. Filmed at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the series has been established to showcase new and up-coming bands, DJs and artists alike.

Take a look at this special live SBTRKT performance of latest single ‘Trials Of The Past’ from his forthcoming debut featuring trusty recurring vocal contributor Sampha:

Also from the album is the below track ‘Wildfire’ – a collaborative effort with Swedish neo-soul crew, Little Dragon:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.9383682&w=500&h=500&fv=menu%3Dfalse%26scale%3Dscale%26salign%3Dtl%26bgcolor%3D%23000000%26]

Sign-up to the above mailing list to get a FREE download of the track.

SBTRKT will drop on June 27 via Young Turks.

Before you go, check out this pretty cool video for the equally cool track ‘Look At Stars’ taken from 2010’s Step In Shadows EP – once again featuring Sampha on vocs:

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Cosmonaut Grechko: Alaska 2100 EP [Album Stream]

Victor Klyuchnikov is Russian electro producer Cosmonaut Grechko and he has just released his brand new EP Alaska 2100.

Cosmonaut Grechko likes to nurture young talent by enlisting new artists to remix his tunes. Upcoming UK producer Blue Satellite is a prime example – he remixed Grechko’s track ‘Singin’ which made its way onto the Alaska 2100 EP and was also featured on last week’s Friday MixTape #42.

Check out the Alaska 2100 EP in all of its glory below. Perfect Friday morning listening that’ll have you toe-tapping well into the weekend:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

We also have the below remixes Grechko has released via his Soundcloud page featuring reworks of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Daft Punk, Chilly Gonzales, Metric as well as an awesome remix of Ellie Goulding’s acoustic version of The Knife track, ‘Heartbeats’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

Pick up your copy of the Alaska 2100 EP over at JunoDownload.

TELEPATHE: Throw Away This [New Single]

Synth-pop femme duo Telepathe are back with new single ‘Throw Away This’ which you can check out below, along with it’s b-side track, ‘Destroyer’:

The Brooklyn-based girls are making the final touches to the follow-up of their 2009 debut LP, Dance Mother, and have a new 7″ Single for the above track coming out next month via White Iris.

As a side note, we caught Telepathe perform in very early 2010. Boy, do these girls like to party! They did a bang up job getting punters into the groove – not an easy task given that the punters in question were clearly exhausted as result of NYE/NYD benders.

If you head over to Insound you can get a pre-order of the single now which includes a bonus cover they recoreded of the Misfits track, ‘Hybrid Moments’.

To leave you with, here is one of our picks from Dance Mother – ‘Michael’: | 

My Morning Jacket: Circuital [Album Stream]

American psychedelic-rock veterans My Morning Jacket are dropping album six this week and we have the entire thing for you to check out right now. As you will hear for yourself, the record has a suitably ambitious array of rock epics and grand ballads that we have all come to expect and admire from Jim James and the crew. Another one of those albums that is sure to blow your freaking mind in a live performance setting. So without further delay, here is Circuital courtesy of NPR.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.9383510&w=640&h=390&]

Get it on May 31 from ATO Records.

MMJ are also kicking off an extensive tour on May 31 across the USA. Get all the deets from their tour page.

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Pitchfork 3D: Neon Indian [Mind Drips]

Fuel up the DeLorean and set the clock forward because we have another edition of Pitchfork 3D.

This week we see Texan chillwaver Alan Palomo aka Neon Indian perform his track ‘Mind Drips’ from his 2009 debut LP, Psychic Chasms:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.9365520&w=425&h=350&]

Be sure to tune in next week, same 3D time, same 3D channel.

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CockNbullKid: Covered Off [Pt. 2]

CocknBullKid is the moniker of English soulstress Anita Blay. For the second installment of her ‘CocknBullKid: Covered Off’ series, she’s teamed up with piano man Chilly Gonzales to cover the massive Rui Da Silva dance hit of 2000, ‘Touch Me’.

The ‘CocknBullKid: Covered Off’ series sees Blay performing covers at various London locations with some of her very talented musical mates. Blay teamed up with Clare Maguire for  Pt. 1 for an acoustic version of Plan B‘s ‘She Said’ – changing the lyrics to ‘He Said’.

CockNbullKid’s debut album Adulthood is out on May 23 via iTunes.

Death Cab for Cutie: Codes and Keys [Album Stream]

The wait is over! Listen to LP 7, Codes and Keys from indie-rock veterans Death Cab for Cutie – the follow-up to 2008’s Narrow Stairs.

From intro track ‘Home Is A Fire’ to the album’s closing notes on ‘Stay Young, Go Dancing’ it’s an album that current fans will be very pleased with as well as gain the band a larger following in the process too. Big ups to NPR for the stream.

[vodpod id=Video.9409323&w=425&h=350&fv=]

There is a special pre-order package deal available now over at their pre-order page.

Check out what’s included:
Codes and Keys album – CD or Vinyl
– DVD – Live at the Mt. Baker Theatre
– Codes and Keys T-shirt (printed on American Apparel)
– Codes and Keys Tote Bag
– 1-year online membership to the official DCFC fan club or a 1-year renewal if you are a
current fan club member
– Full album stream 72 hours before the general public release
– mp3 download of ‘You Are A Tourist’
– ‘Soul Meets Body’ live video download

The band has a bunch of shows kicking off this May in Canada before heading through the USA and over to Europe. Their website has all the deets.

Codes and Keys will be available in stores and online on May 31.

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Holy Ghost!: Holy Ghost! [Album Stream]

We recently announced the release of an impending self-titled debut LP from American electro-pop duo Holy Ghost!

Well, now that it’s out, the good folk at DFA Records have made the entire album available for streaming. It’s an outstanding listen, sure to keep you smiling and grinding well into the Winter – personal fave: #5, ‘Jam For Jerry’.

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Digitalism: Forest Gump [Ft. Julian Casablancas] [Single]

German indie dance duo Digitalism have dropped another track from LP #2 and it features guest vocals from The Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas. Wrap your ear lobes around the hard hitting synth-rock track, ‘Forest Gump’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

If are unaware, I Love You Dude is the name of the follow up to their 2007 dance heavy debut, Idealism. Last month, Digi unleashed the below track which has been on heavy rotation here at acid stag HQ – ‘2 Hearts’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

The boys have a bunch of shows over the coming months across Europe, including a load of summer festival dates before wrapping it all up in July for Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival.

I Love You Dude is out June 20 via Cooperative Music.

Before you go anywhere, check out the music video for ‘Pogo’ from their Idealism debut:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.9351019&w=640&h=390&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

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Music + Video =

Prepare your lobes and retinas for this week’s music video selection. Featuring new Panda Bear, James Blake’s ‘Lindisfarne’ clip, Depeche Mode remixed by Stargate, as well as Calvin Harris‘ new collab with Kelis. To finish off this week’s edition, there’s a major booty shaker courtesy of New York R&B brother, Brenmar.

Panda Bear – ‘Alsatian Darn’:   [vodpod id=Groupvideo.9352002&w=640&h=390&–xTLQjzVcQTqqiAtPGreCaOiDLY8Pm1cXKox3jbEi_Rvufutiw7Xgn0O0xgkJzAPzntVnuEhw4tvnwFVyGk7pd0f-aNQM0gy_G2TvYnLDg5SRDaE9P7DNmBwfhLSuWU4WuHhEBydB6zX8xpzMv9fODY8cO4CH1i2YgGmFvJODX_4HPl9rWISWYhUpBiw247J_16WBHc8_ovcj9nKymL152Nci8yzYu4TCDRCC97_XyGpO4-DNa3QHAUWXKCWl30KdxwBJd-Jh7i-hAYC_AkMK1LudyvV2CIrnA8JpPXd9cu2HBTIAJvQ9zdzBmCLj5doZjSTMZNRLfvfgLPEFqF5wRqYk3NgCvbhgpZZxGzUsyusWrA77S5_s_imlJVU2Fg0CzQRPQSkwYBB5oEbYv-01NyR8lTuj9ImTwaXN1IeJGCWlqFhkYb94VL-eM3BD7ALz0SIasjopOlGLhRSokGMGDnXGyrlurnz4-woUSnHe-eMicgfsSJS67cH_qcph9HuMZQ3gyMgDQIrYy6PVKPU5akgFVCEq3EJZ-kFYfhzjwbS32sy358Z5h39kwShkoawyw8-HDM85d96jBBdHpmWwctXJTwCORRMqVJvhYhUhO-E_YNX4upROnAE9nqWg_8nn4KPDTMygdo_8NHLChxwSV0ur2tXWTF42xvuYQdfbfe7Mtde_lNZxAdqrCY5lCcTQdsjKI7s4cjtoOLqc7A4acBiyd3Bblv2zKHlHSiGWM-G85fjlrCc0e0fMaAkhYs27N66hZE0g1Qxgc8X0RR21fIBCDgOITuhJz6uLdXKvs6Q2YJ1m6LdDfotNJ2KVpkFf3sCM4xwQT-SDp6gYMJJv8w0qmiW8njOQmvH8groUBke_kvp207oaLxh8qBQNGAkXl267-rJCD9pvDhYT1Ke95YfaFNJ9YGgdODqYav9z0QgYPtKYlx4vKL-and1z0lffu5J0vQdX_BDCri0Hu2HCGh7mMynGPxCUZvGkRvO2Cfvu19gzt3T-2HpdqT4aklp3WkkF0r3PnJycwYE7iCceZ2tqILJXuP6SF_620XwDNhuP8jK8od_-QOdrKDuyStu1zgoOHYE6aIv8vMJGxIR4HOlUeh2ei6yINoooMHqaENPYNbnIc0Nrbq_TgeMhfTf2kRTyt7_vTQ4N_7FQExNdqKos4Ou_dhgqTwgc-CZVSABsAB5rTUGZFn019yVVjWxLC74cgxFq0bQsHjt14_UWIi29oTcQdvFeDpELdSWOYM0Rx7DMZvSSvc750myhxsKrZbPke40QuA3NtptIFVMzx_gYY_849Uv5OldiMv2EUT4yzhj4z_hFfoFc4UHAtz4i8hawP5zpgVofqdBUcXO1isAweBilxjaNkD1nQQfctepVoayP7Ra48MuK3giOd3YV6Vcap6-j58A-v2TgMkfti2zET1PVRNkN8GEFIbZUIacaa-u74wRWaX1dzOoVt_7LdfuonVWcEutnpz11dZftK55h6X3Thl7NXeJEFoo7N8AHqgl1HInmSHWAZpUlIyfg51n9qTDljHL_paSURbFHdz0bTjJMBEI_wcAjN6ik1zZs5jjlXQXI40i-lOvnuBjMfW3NQBUGp4Bfoo1my3IEZqgQG3DOAUMfhU8YOzcyld_pODkrgdVNzOczVonUc6jtBbx2mshmjRSnEJmL4wD76l_f9FmftIHjRR1R7ibQSizWAzUG54vBia07Es7xVsusI4Gsn4ZJTpJ3TzeulhNnpostCkpOTEK3A8ky3_ckBPrJdeLedxm82U6CXdvPil_FGxpqCHLJF_PgKqIZdXrK3nX_0AyYCybn8iSUYqN16wErRF_n1Zs9jGFn3aSSvUmK3IHPhYFvGk7eGP2rPPY7-wy8nkPi8zCXDCWmKVXEyOH_wNik7zhp8_ElUa_F_7S2UP1dnQid9LNrwcgXzSgnRG7oNmFNaGJWyhenaOnZK1C_6a16049ztsSWHInr–SPG_Vooi-RSwDS1JPDgRj_hoa5PeBzFzt_L8WPWDI1dZzl2VbrnqXvZ4KsOlpjLcP1gNvnlaZcRtSPkjz32eRgat5G7_qFFgtms7LKyywTqv5d21qXGscrj_fq_fhrSQwBwtYmp9Fd20UGyX3gkHJLe12c39ggI3nsu6L8nbh_–j831vCEXkffMVhHkogwD3GyDx3oUm4YtFIXC2o3xnlJ4-oZVpEwaw0rbO_FMwqeC-JISfgVKsYObbhs5YDEbTt_TawP49I8iYi2i8jsdDChtT-xzYGLkvbEtjp_S8QhnOdXsTeKZH9WNnd8xqjoyuHt_irxDQNIq7AxIvk4cvUD-9BvGejXa4j6dBBHcNC2WBw6cqeOT79j6C9N55FAOWD4kNnbEMjGp6OcaHNrJsBNmtKWRkG0B0nXK3eh6sSQUKWrOHQV_fDB5WFsm8WDYokIwROUccx4Nr3DC_xsVR1KXp3wBzW_d6AzOPn1Fp2qfVR9qHZKKadv3n7Ez_CFsCKK_HwOstFzq50Yylxm9xrLmV9cDsrtlj4WGy2tfqNt857Ux14xwB_gPW9HpuqN-wyaEhIscAcKnviqiy-1bw-tRKhUqrPA1yVPZx2f1JJhicYoZr4EQn_nGE91fkBxE5yY7UJ5n8eeKfU8umYjUh62W8JDBxtTS2Ycu75_Ep6va70WKJD7_Tv26tWkvWS6tvpkZCYq9-cROvaNp5iNWHnVMzHFYpUG9N6lf69pPQgllOkmlgFkDFhj5BEYWQ60Swrv7jq6ASmI2-iqhFfKGMSAjZrAcCJ6LA_BIv1WsPJmfdiAUPzQhRyAOp8Yy-zYmTN4uSdkUddwv-QJis2ZANorYsklJFao6AnlorTIebzZnOT4sBaHPTfY-JEIYwnS_RIQ51f-8MuvgKZRFBDwJNBBGKjN-d2eNiEVbEqcXoSDwL_TGwOoCtUlCH_GFIjY1j3ELxgrXu8sfwUi2Ybe8YC7Zuy654xjjgnQt6Z6nW2rBUbOtBphsuc3oM6bIoZm_Bu0ErgJN0Vuio-eljVXRgCAq0wwzkiCe5HVFAtoJ9iLx_g4SGJoMVa7UHctBZUxUZYYhEqWiS5IitVnEJ9BSmmf8cA8rerqb6QNyrgwuej1A1-1CWixxqtOY2bsknBnAlHL7RHXQw0jgBAX_QpHANISrAkU9BeVKPsvom8elatc9cgCzfoCz31qIV6iMZnCVWA-odePSOguVN2kzCKqrA6KXTPtgU1kSlG7eJkx0OqO0jWLT5SyknvOvVuSBfn2SKFSW_hcBMwJZfYk7CJhmOYvCDl86AAZavinI-G_-cYsgpMiKbznCwHIawnEDCI7YRYJrYqzjY5scs-7kFzXT-HX57dMR-RoCBegNpjg7-ZCfaujlUZbv7yRAEP1VNOJvPf0-bBy9lyEpLVTRAwESziCNPHAS8Nn3WTPowq0FkswPaGBFiVpWrREdKND2_6BKK8J3uYgobSQXwXc4X2Pt1K6vgC–]

James Blake – ‘Lindisfarne’:    

iamamiwhoami – ‘; John’:   

Clock Opera – ‘Belongings’:   

Depeche Mode – ‘Personal Jesus’ [Stargate Remix]:   

Dan Deacon – ‘Believer’: 

Patrick Wolf – ‘House’:   [vodpod id=Groupvideo.9351922&w=640&h=390&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

CREEP – ‘You’ [ft. Nina Sky]:   

Beat Connection – ‘In The Water’:   

Calvin Harris – ‘Bounce’ [ft. Kelis]:   

Brenmar – ‘Taking It Down’:   

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Fol Chen: I Walked [Sufjan Stevens Cover] [Album Stream]

Californian indie art-pop crew Fol Chen have reworked ‘I Walked’ – the track from Asthmatic Kitty label-mate Sufjan Stevens‘ recent outstanding release, Age Of Adz.

The track features singer-songwriter Simone White lending her vocal talents:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

We also have the group’s recent 2010 LP, Part II: The New December. When you are done, click on the buy button to get your own copy for only $8 USD:


To finish off with, check out another cover they did recently of the Pink Floyd track ‘In The Flesh’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

Little Dragon: Ritual Union

The follow-up to Little Dragon‘s 2009 Machine Dreams is on its way, and if the below track is anything to go by, it’s going to be another killer.

The running title for the Swedish electro crew’s new LP is Ritual Union and the first taste from it is called ‘Nightlight’:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Little Dragon have been keeping quite busy of late. Amidst the writing and recording of LP #3, they have also found the time to help out a few fellow artists on varying projects. Among these are Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) on his debut Maximum Balloon LP as well as collaborating with GORILLAZ for their Plastic Beach LP. They also joined them on tour across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong for the ‘Gorillaz: Escape to Plastic Beach Tour’.

Little Dragon have a bunch of their own shows between now and August, starting with a few in the USA over the coming weeks before heading back to Europe for the summer festival circuit. Get all the deets here.

Ritual Union will drop on July 11 via Peacefrog Records. If you head over there now though you may be able to score a very limited (300 copies only) one sided 7″ orange vinyl collectors edition!

Check out the video for ‘My Step’ taken from Machine Dreams:

And finally, a live performance of one of their older tracks, ‘After The Rain’ which was shot in January 2011:

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