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Fredrick: Flora [Video Album Stream]

Welcome to the next step in album streaming. Swedish experimental folk-rock trio, Fredrik, recently shot some footage in their hometown of Malmö for the purpose of putting together a feature length music video to accompany their entire third full length album, Flora. 

The album was recorded in their ramshackle garden studio last Scandinavian summer with the use of home-made folk instruments, swirly electronics and Fredrik Hultin’s abstract storytelling.

Watch ‘Yiva the Wolf’ as Hultin wanders the amazing fairytale-like Swedish terrain:   

Flora is available now over at The Kora Records. Check out their website for tour dates and other band info.
You can also stream the band’s previous releases over at their Soundcloud page.

We leave you with this bass driven remix of the track ‘Rites of Spring’ courtesy of fellow Swedish producer, Tobias Lilja:   Mobile users, click here to listen.


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