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Death From Above 1979: Live from Coachella 2011

There was no hope in hell of getting our arses over to Coachella this year. We did try, but failed miserably. We’ve been copping Twitter and Facebook updates from friends that did manage to get their shit together, and it was just driving us insane.

However, all isn’t completely lost thanks to the interwebs.

We spent about 72 hours stuck in front of a laptop streaming live sets from this year’s festival and saw some freaking amazing performances. One set in particular that had us wetting our pants was from Death From Above 1979. Check out the epic return of the noise-rock legends below. Watching those gates open gives me a semi.

‘Turn It Out’:   

‘Cold War’ / ‘Black History Month’:   

‘Little Girl’ / ‘Blood On Your Hands’:   

DFA 1979


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