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Errors: Magna Encarta

Errors are an upcoming experimental four-piece group hailing from Glasgow, Scotland who’ve been kicking around since ’04. They have released a bunch of 7″ singles, an EP, two LPs and even a remix album. The guys have just announced the release of two new tracks from 7″ number four and is available as a limited edition Picture Disc, as well as a digital download of course.

Take a listen to the A-side track, ‘Magna Encarta’:   
Mobile users, click here to listen!

Also, check out the track ‘Supertribe’ – taken from their 2010 LP, Come Down With Me:  
Mobile users, click here to listen!

The video ‘A Rumour In Africa’ is also from Come Down With Me:   

Finally, a cool clip for the track ‘Pump’ taken from their 2008 debut LP, It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever

Errors will be hitting the road in the coming weeks through parts of the USA – check out all the dates and venues here.

The new 7″ is available now via Rock Action Records.

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  1. Cathie McGinn says:

    There’s a lovely circularity about a comment about a spelling mistake on a post entitled Errors, isn’t there? Um..they’re from Glasgow. Not Galsgow.
    I still love this blog. <3

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