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Digitalism: I Love You Dude [Album Stream]

Digitalism are back on the scene with their flavour of German electro-house and their sophomore album is rimming with man-love.

LP two, I Love You Dude includes this already mahoosive single hit single, ‘2 Hearts’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

As well as this tune titled ‘Forest Gump’ which features none-other than The Strokes front-man, Julian Casablancas, on vocals:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

I Love You Dude is out now via Cooperative Music. Head over to 3VOOR12 to hear it in its entire goodness – and we would like to emphasize its entire goodness.

01. Stratosphere
02. 2 Hearts
03. Circles
04. Blitz
05. Forrest Gump (feat. Julian Casablancas)
06. ReeperBahn
07. Antibiotics
08. Just Gazin
09. Miami Showdown
10. Encore

To leave you with we have the below video for the above-mentioned track, ‘Blitz’:

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  1. cmjct says:

    “Rimming with man-love”- like it! I just did a video interview with Digitalism about their new album. Let me know what you think of it… It’s pretty indepth

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