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Junior Boys: Banana Ripple

It’s All True, the new album from the Canadian synthpop duo Junior Boys, is due out June 14 around the world via Domino Records. The album’s closing track is the groovy 9-minute ‘Banana Ripple’. Check it out below, it reeks of smooth disco goodness.

Mobile users, click here to listen.

‘Banana Ripple’ will be available on 12″ backed with a remix by The Field, available exclusively on Domino Mart from May 31st.

Kasper Bjørke: Symptoms EP [Stream]

Dutch electro producer/remixer Kasper Bjørke has released the Symptoms EP – the latest in his bass-heavy disco offerings. A 2.5 minute preview of the six tracks, including two remixes, can be heard below:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

You may remember the track ‘Young Again’ from 2010’s Standing On Top Of Utopia. If not, here it is:

Purchase part one of the new EP now via Beatport.

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Music + Video =

Look at what we have in-store for you this week: the latest disfunctional love song from Antony and the Johnsons, Shit Robot’s ‘Losing My Patience’ with Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip vocalist) and the first of a three-part instrumental movement to come from chill-wave producer Neon Indian’s latest LP. Lastly, two clips with two very angry women hell bent on bloody revenge, Kill Bill style.

Antony and the Johnsons – ‘Christina’s Farm’:   

oOoOO – ‘Plains Is Hot’:   

Grouper – ‘Alien Observer’:    

Delay Trees – ‘About Brothers’:   

Hunx and His Punx – ‘Bad Boy’:   

LOL Boys – ‘Blockz’:  

Idiot Glee – ‘Let’s Get Down Together’:    

Neon Indian – ‘Heart: Attack’:    

Niki & The Dove – ‘Gentle Roar’ [Mylo Remix]:   

Shit Robot – ‘Losing My Patience’:   

NSFW Alert:

Mason – ‘Boadicea’ [ft. Róisín Murphy]:   

Purity Ring – ‘Lofticries’:  

Yuksek: On A Train [Single]

Yuksek, the French producer/remixer behind electro hits ‘Tonight’ and ‘Extra Ball,’ returns with sophomore album Living On The Edgeof Time. This is preceded by next month’s single release of ‘On A Train’ featuring killer remixes by The Magician and Gucci Vump.

Watch the official video for the single followed by the above mentioned remixes.

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Mobile users, click here to listen.

Living On The Edge of Time will hit all good record stores on 13th June.

Be sure to check acid stag’s interview with Yuksek ahead of his gig at Field Day 2011.

Yuksek has also recently teamed up with Belgium producer The Magician for a new collaborative project. Recorded under the moniker Peter and the Magician is the first single from the duo, ‘The Twist’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues [Album Stream]

Seattle based baroque-pop group, Fleet Foxes, are back with the follow-up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album of 2008. This May they deliver Helplessness Blues. The LP was hoped to have been released late 2009 but as reported by front-man Robin Pecknold, “the band’s touring schedule had caused them some setbacks.”

Without further adieu, take a listen to the first single to come fall out of it, also the album’s title track:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

Head over to 3voor12 to hear the entire album for FREE!

The crew are kicking off a tour in May across the USA before heading over to Europe for a few Summer festivals as well as some sideshows along the way. Check out their tour page for all the date and venue info.

Helplessness Blues is out May 3 via Sub Pop Records, where the LP is already available for pre-order.

Fredrick: Flora [Video Album Stream]

Welcome to the next step in album streaming. Swedish experimental folk-rock trio, Fredrik, recently shot some footage in their hometown of Malmö for the purpose of putting together a feature length music video to accompany their entire third full length album, Flora. 

The album was recorded in their ramshackle garden studio last Scandinavian summer with the use of home-made folk instruments, swirly electronics and Fredrik Hultin’s abstract storytelling.

Watch ‘Yiva the Wolf’ as Hultin wanders the amazing fairytale-like Swedish terrain:   

Flora is available now over at The Kora Records. Check out their website for tour dates and other band info.
You can also stream the band’s previous releases over at their Soundcloud page.

We leave you with this bass driven remix of the track ‘Rites of Spring’ courtesy of fellow Swedish producer, Tobias Lilja:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

The Flaming Lips: Gummi Skull & Record Store Day Release

At precisely 4:20PM on April 20 at Oklahoma’s Guestroom Records, The Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, personally delivered five USB sticks that were each encased inside of a large, seven pound skull made entirely out of edible gummi material. On the USBs were four brand new tracks. The five skulls sold for $150 each and it does seem doubtful that there will be any more Gummi Skulls being produced. However, you can listen to the four Gummi Skull tracks below:

1. ‘Drug Chart’:  

2. ‘In Our Bodies, Out Of Our Heads’:   

3. ‘Walk With Me’:   

4. ‘Hilary’s Time Machine Machine’:    

Guestroom Records is the same record store where Coyne recently delivered a very limited number of trippy vinyls whereby the Lips collaborated with chill-wave producer Neon Indian recently. Click here to check it out.

In other Flaming Lips news, the band released a cover of the amazing Guided by Voices track, ‘Smothered in Hugs’ for this year’s Record Store Day. It is a beautiful rendition of the song, somewhat unexpected considering the recent offerings from the whacky Flaming Lips.

‘Smothered in Hugs’:    Mobile users, click here to listen.

Explosions in the Sky: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care [Album Stream]

Explosions in the Sky are an instrumental post-rock group hailing from Texas. They have been kicking around since ’99, have dropped five studio LPs, contributed to a bunch of compilation albums and even had a song used on the soundtrack for American TV series, Friday Night Lights.

They have now unleashed their sixth instrumental masterpiece, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care and the first single to come from it is ‘Trembling Hands’:    Mobile users, click here to listen.

Head over to the band’s website where you can stream the LP in its entirety.

The group are performing a bunch of shows in the coming months, starting off in the USA at the end of April before jetting over to Europe for the summer festival circuit. They will of course be doing some sideshows and supports (w/Arcade Fire) along the way. Check out all the tour info here.

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DATAROCK: Interview

We were lucky enough to score a chat with Fred Saroea of Norwegian tracksuit donning electro-heads, DATAROCK. Here’s what Fred had to say about their latest ‘Data Rock’ package and the state of the music industry today.

Hi Fred, where are you today? I’m sitting in Bergen, Norway. I’m finally back from the insanity we finished two days ago. We just came off the tour we are calling ‘Datarock’s Designer Toy Story Tour.’ Last month we released this designer toy USB package that has a bunch of new stuff. It has our new EP California, our new EP Catcher In The Rye which has got about six tracks. There’s a brand new album called Music For Synchronization, 15 instrumental tracks, a brand new compilation album called Lost & Found which is B-sides and rarities from limited edition vinyl releases, the first album with bonus tracks, the second album with bonus tracks, 43 remixes, 22 music videos, a 65 minute concert film, 1,500 photos, all the artwork, blah blah blah. Are you reading this from a sheet of paper? No, I have talked about it in like a hundred interviews already [laughs]. So yeah, we just came off this tour which was 20 shows in 7 countries in 4 weeks. It’s been a lot of fun – it’s been great. I bet you’re feeling pretty tired and looking forward to putting your feet up and watching some TV? Yes [laughs]. Exactly… So now we have a couple of weeks here, and then we are coming to Australia! We are really looking forward to seeing you guys again. Thank you! It’s really quite something – this is the seventh tour we have done in Australia. There is a lot of respect for you guys here and such a buzz surrounding your performances. Can you imagine how that feels for us? Not really. We play here in Norway and then we come to Australia and have this massive audience around the country – it’s really amazing. You can imagine what people think back in Norway, it’s like: what the fuck?! Seventh tour in Australia? What’s going on?! [Laughs].

Can you explain the rationale behind the designer toy theme? As not only do the vinyl variety appear on the cover art of the new single but again you are offering this package to house all of the various tracks. Well, we have been a band now for about ten years. The first release was a limited edition 10″ on a very small label back home in Bergen, Norway. It is the same label as Kings of Convenience, Röyksopp, Annie and all sorts of other bands. That was kinda the world we came from – where everybody was signed to tiny labels that were run by some music fan and financial gain was never their driving force, it was just doing it for fun. Then over the course of our career the music industry has changed so much that now even the indie labels have difficulty printing vinyl releases. Everything has changed with online file-sharing and iTunes. Often when we are at music conferences we are doing panel debates and one of the things we are sick and tired of focusing on is all the problems. Everybody is talking about how hard it is and the music industry itself has been very blunt about it – even involving music fans in financial difficulties. Personally, I dont think even a fraction of music fans really want to know what is going-on in the board meetings of the record companies. When it comes to music, that stuff isn’t supposed to be part of all that, it’s supposed to be about the music and not about financial stress. So I think it has been really impolite how the music industry have put their problems out there and involved fans.  Actually, I think it is ridiculous. In our case for instance, we don’t really sell a lot of records but we don’t care because we have a world-wide audience. We have done 800 shows in over 35 countries and in most of those countries, the people in the audience know all of the lyrics – they care about the band and the music. We only have proper distribution in probably 10 of those 35 countries. So all the difficulties the industry is going through are because of the same reason that makes it possible for us to tour the world – we can’t let ourselves be disappointed by that, it is great! The way music is consumed now has been very beneficial for us. It is a great time for musicians – it’s not a great time for record labels perhaps, but who gives a fuck? That’s not what it’s about! So the whole concept of the designer toy is that it’s actually a vinyl release because it’s a vinyl toy. A vinyl release in the shape of a ‘Data Rock’ – which is a rock and inside of it is a USB stick, hence ‘Data Rock’. The USB stick is really just dealing with the fact that everybody is consuming a band’s production through their laptop etc. We just wanted to deal with how things work now. If everybody is consuming music through their laptops, why not add all our music videos, and why not produce a concert film, and then lets just add tonnes of footage from our touring?! It makes it exciting. Most of those things you couldn’t fit on a fucking vinyl anyways! So for me it’s like, we could release vinyl but it is in my experience that a lot of people that buy vinyl releases, put it on their shelf and then they use the download codes to put the music onto their iPods etc. A do love vinyl but I don’t see the point in releasing vinyl if people aren’t actually even going to play it. So what I’m saying is that what is great about our release is that it is fun, you know? It’s just about fun and working with the designer toy company has just been amazing, it’s about creativity, it’s not about getting your song on the radio or whatever. It’s just like, lets produce something together that is  fun and is hopefully going to be enjoyable for our fans. You know, it doesn’t make much sense, we are going to lose money on this release no matter what happens, but that’s not the point. The point is that it has been so much fun! The music industry has forgotten about the fun and forgot that it was all about being a creative outlet – an inspiration for the business, it’s become such a fucking industry [laughs]. Now, we are trying to reinvent fun and it has worked for ourselves. We really respect your approach to the music industry. [Laughs] thank you, you probably hate me. No not at all, we have never heard another artist speak of the music industry in this way but what you are saying is completely valid and true! Well we are you know, we are industry. We have a label, we have like 36 releases on our label but if we did anything to stop their music from being spread to as many people as possible, how can that benefit the artist? If you are in the music industry just for the money, you are in the wrong place – go to the stock market or something. The industry shouldn’t try to criminalise file-sharers. I have a lot of music cassettes from when I was a kid and that was all file-sharing too. I copied all of my friends records onto cassette tapes, it’s exactly the same thing. What the fuck is the problem?! They gain fans – I went to shows to see the bands that I had on my cassettes, it’s just the same now. The release we did is just a way to deal with the positive and slightly the negative sides of how things have changed. Hopefully people will pick it up because there has been a lot of work put into it.

Are you excited about getting to play in some rural parts of Australia this time round? Yes I am! We been doing a lot of touring around Norway recently because we get sick of big cities. A lot of the festivals we play in Norway now are rural – I love getting out of the cities, back to mother nature, I thinks it’s great. I find when you play outside of the cities, you play for a more varied audience.

The red tracksuits, have you guys ever thought about dropping them and performing without them? Yes, we have. We have tried many times but we have come to realize that we don’t wear the tracksuits – the tracksuits wear us. They are not a piece of clothing, they are an organism [laughs]. We just can’t escape them, they follow us wherever we go. And if we leave them at home, miraculously they end up on our bodies before we go on stage [laughs].

DATAROCK will be back in Australia this May as part of the Groovin’ the Moo Festivals and will be doing a few sideshows while they’re in the country.

Head over to the official Groovin’ the Moo website for all the festival info and see below for sideshows:

Wed 4th May – The Zoo, Brisbane    Buy Tix
Thur 5th May – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney    Buy Tix
Thur 12th May – East Brunswick Club, Melbourne    Buy Tix

DATAROCK’s ‘Data Rock’ is out worldwide via the band’s website.

Yeasayer: End Blood

Another band to serve up exclusive tunes for this year’s Record Store Day are Brooklyn experimentalists Yeasayer, with a new two-track 7″ coloured vinyl titled End Blood. The record’s two tracks were written during the production of 2010’s LP Odd Blood but were left unfinished and unreleased, until now.

Take a listen to ‘Swallowing the Decibels’ and ‘Phoenix Wind’:    Mobile users, click here to listen.

Yeasayer’s End Blood is available now via all decent record stores.

Radiohead: Supercollider / The Butcher [Record Store Day]

Radiohead dropped a new 12″ single as part of this year’s Record Store Day. The A-side track is titled ‘Supercollider’ and is said to have been recorded during the King Of Limbs process. The B-side track ‘The Butcher’ however is a brand-spanking new song recorded especially for RSD.

Tale a listen to both of the ‘tracks:

In true limited edition fashion, only 2,000 copies of the 12″ vinyl were printed for sale in the UK. Don’t fret as it has been rumoured that there may be more records printed for release in the USA & Canada around June 14 and there will no doubt be a digital release at some point. Stay tuned.

Death From Above 1979: Live from Coachella 2011

There was no hope in hell of getting our arses over to Coachella this year. We did try, but failed miserably. We’ve been copping Twitter and Facebook updates from friends that did manage to get their shit together, and it was just driving us insane.

However, all isn’t completely lost thanks to the interwebs.

We spent about 72 hours stuck in front of a laptop streaming live sets from this year’s festival and saw some freaking amazing performances. One set in particular that had us wetting our pants was from Death From Above 1979. Check out the epic return of the noise-rock legends below. Watching those gates open gives me a semi.

‘Turn It Out’:   

‘Cold War’ / ‘Black History Month’:   

‘Little Girl’ / ‘Blood On Your Hands’:   

DFA 1979

The Presets Reveal New Tune

While touring The States, Sydney-based electro bros The Presets took the opportunity, once at Club Nokia Los Angeles and then again at Coachella, to unleash a new tune.

Vocalist/keyboardist Julian Hamilton was quoted at Club Nokia saying that “we thought we might try a new one today for ya. You haven’t heard this one before!.” They then launched into the haunting new track from their upcoming third release, said to be dropping later this year.

Here’s footage of them playing their new one:

As soon as we hear more news of LP three, you’ll be next to know!

Gorillaz: The Fall [Album Stream]

A physical release for Gorillaz latest album The Fall has finally been made available for all to own. The 15 track album was recorded on frontman Damon Albarn’s iPad during the American leg of their Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour in October 2010. It was then offered as a free digital download on Christmas Day.

Didn’t get your free download? Don’t panic – we have you sorted. Wrap your ears around the entire album right here:   
Mobile users, click here to listen.

The Fall is available to purchase now on CD and digitally. Click here to grab your copy and then head over to the Gorillaz official website for all sorts of other The Fall and Plastic Beach info.

Music + Video =

This week we have a new vid from Danish electro-heads WhoMadeWho and an epic new dance tune from British synth-pop duo Monarchy. There is also a Thanksgiving Turkey giving birth (Alien style) to an evil Elmo-esque Muppet. And finally, a very bloody NSFW video for all you sickos out there.

Cults – ‘Abducted’:   

BLONDES – ‘Hater’:   

Manchester Orchestra – ‘Simple Math’:   

Charli XCX – ‘Stay Away (Salem’s Angel Remix)’:   

WhoMadeWho – ‘Every Minute Alone’:   

Monarchy – ‘I Won’t Let Go’:  

Gentlemen Drivers – ‘Valdor’:   

Telekinesis – ‘Please Ask For Help’:   

NSFW Alert:

Young Widows – ‘Future Heart’:   

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