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Animal Collective + KEEP: Sneaker Tape

Neo-psychedelic rockers Animal Collective have teamed up with cruelty-free apparel company KEEP and designed a collection of sneakers for the American Spring. There will be one shoe from each of the group’s members and for all the dedicated fans who pre-order theirs ahead of the release date, will be getting a special cassette tape that features unreleased solo tracks from all four members of the group.

Take a look at the below teaser video that Avey Tare’s sister Abby Portner (aka Drawlings) put together to get people excited about the impending release date:  

 The track in the video is titled ‘Fickle Cycle’ and is actually a B-side track from the 2006 ‘Grass‘ single release.

All proceeds from the shoes will go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund – an organisation that works to preserve the biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago off the Californian coast.

If you were lazy enough to not pre-order your shoes, a limited number of cassettes will be available on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis when the shoes are released for general sale on March 26.

Below is the cassette’s track listing:

1) ‘Jailhouse’ by Geologist
2) ‘Call Home (Buy Grapes)’ by Avey Tare
3) ‘Country Report’ by Deakin
4) ‘The Preakness’ by Panda Bear

Find out how to get your hands on a pair of these cool kicks over at KEEP COMPANY.

And for everything else Animal Collective, head over here.

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