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Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin: Interview


We had the pleasure of chatting with electro heavyweight Marc Romboy this week about his new offering Luna – a three disc music project created with long time friend Stephan Bodzin.

Congratulations on the release! After six years in the making, how does it feel to have this epic project finally completed and out in the public sphere? Well it has taken such a long time I guess due to the fact that Stephan and I are both busy doing our solo careers as well – the other reason is that we are almost 400-500 kilometres away from eachother, which makes it impossible to get together each week. When we did get the time to come together, we slowly managed to make the tracks and actually had the production of them finished by Spring last year. It then took another year to work on the artwork, to work on the tour and also on all the remixes. We asked the first Remixer in April last year and the last Remixer delivered his version in November, which I guess is pretty much the usual.

How are things going so far? They are great, we had our first show last Friday in Germany. We are very tired but extremely happy, looking forward to going further.

Apparently you had to deal with almost 25 producers since starting Luna. Was that a painstaking process? Not at all, it was fun. Stephan and I made up a sort of a ‘Christmas Wish List’ where we wrote down some names without any thoughts of whether they were possible. We just made the list, collected all the names and at the end we had about 25 of them. We thought, why not just ask them all and see what happens? So we did and to our surprise they all said yes.

We also read that Luna is the name of your daughter and Stephan’s wife. Was that where you got your daughter’s name?  Ahh we are getting private now but ahh I can tell you. No one else has asked this by the way, points to you! My little girl was born at full Midnight, so not related to Stephan’s wife at all. So that’s the background there, great question by the way.

The album is being released as a triple CD as well as a six vinyl set. People are going to have to do some major re-organizing of their collections to fit them all in! [Laughs] yes you are right! There is also a huge package you can get from iTunes which is five hours of music for a very small price.

So there’s already a bunch of remixes doing the rounds for ‘Phobos’, ‘Luna’, ‘Callisto’ and ‘Atlas’. Did you approach the artists to do the remixes, or was it the other way around? Well no, at that time nobody knew about the project and people like Gui Buratto, Oxia and Pan-Pot are good friends of ours, so they were only one phone-call away.

You’ve been working on this project for six years and back in 2008 you released solo album Contrast. Do you ever do anything else but make music? [Laughs] music and techno is my life, so that is out of the question. There is always a melody playing in my head – it doesn’t matter where I am or what I do and it becomes addictive to want to transfer these sounds for other people to hear. My family is of course the main part of my life, but without music I would not have any power to survive. My time is family and music, that is it.

You did a few shows in Australia back in September last year, did you enjoy your time here? Yes, it was about my fourth time in Australia and it’s always a huge pleasure to play there. I played a great show in Melbourne and also at Chinese Laundry in Sydney. There was also one I have to mention that I had in Canberra in a little bar which was really wonderful. I must say I didnt expect how amazing that show was. Australia is a fantastic place to visit and do shows.

Will we be seeing you back over here again anytime soon? That’s another good question, as you can imagine the tour plan is pretty full but I can imagine at the end of the year or early 2012 for sure.

Here is the above mentioned Gui Burrato remix of ‘Atlas’ taken form Luna:

We also have Part 1 of a special Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin Luna World Tour documentary:   

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Luna is availble now via Systematic Recordings. |

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