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I'm From Barcelona: Forever Today

I’m From Barcelona is a 27 member baroque-indie pop group from Jönköping, Sweden who have been kicking around since 2006, debuting with EP Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams, Buddy!.

The EP featured their first big hit, ‘We’re From Barcelona’:   

From there, the band produced another 4 EPs and 2 LPs, the last of which being 2008’s Who Killed Harry Houdini? which included the track ‘Gunhild’ featuring French singer/songwriter Soko:   

This year, the group are ready to deliver their third studio LP titled Forever Today, which was recorded over 5 days in Gothenburg, Sweden entirely live in the studio over two sessions.

Take a listen to the first single to be released, ‘Get In Line’:   

Forever Today will be available 19th April via the band’s website or their record label Mute.

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