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Gig Review: Mystery Jets @ Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne

Mystery Jets @ the Hi FI Bar, Melbourne, 5 January 2011. 

Words by L-Bo & Slamdrew

Adoring fans filled the packed Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne on Wednesday night for the Mystery Jets’ show, and since the Sydney boys at acid stag couldn’t make it to VIC, we were delighted to go along to report.

I’ll admit straight up that pop party rock is not really a genre we generally follow, nor had we ever seen these guys before, but as fans of live dance music, we were certainly optimistic about the show thanks to that amazing party track ‘After Dark’ (The Count and Sinden Ft. Mystery Jets), which will be forever placed high up in our soundtrack to 2010. Plus, descending the dark steps into the Hi Fi Bar always stimulates an excited anticipation of the huge punchy sound that the venue always delivers. A sound so large you just sink into it like a big comfy couch; and this gig was no exception.

We entered to a pretty full house waiting in the dark, facing the dimly lit stage in anticipation. The Mystery Jets entered to a raucous applause. I had one or two false alarm cheers for a stagehand, but the true fans down the front new exactly whom they were waiting for.

The first half of the set was kind of washed out and atmospheric, laced with jangly guitars and catchy melody lines, with most of the hook lines coming from lyric-less sing-alongs sung over tight three-part vocal harmonies – like “do dodos” and “la la la’s”.

The second half of the set really stepped up and showed why this band has featured on the line up at the big dance festivals like Field Day. The grooves were tightened up with lots of percussive rhythms and driving bass lines, which really got the crowd jumping and screaming along. They fused the electronic rock-drive of the Dandy Warhols with the quirkiness of Blur, all the while exuding experience and world-class professionalism. For four of the most unlikely looking rock stars, these guys really impressed! And to prove it, we were accompanied by a real-life English woman visiting straight from the London music industry, who declared that this was one of the best gigs she had ever seen! And this lady has seen a lot of gigs…

We rate the gig 4/5 pairs of stovepipe pants. Impressive.

And to finish: a short re-enactment of our entry process:

L-Bo: “Hi, our names should be on the door list”.
Door girl: “Nope, not on the list – whose list should you be on?”
L-Bo: “Uhh… I don’t know… It’s for a blog called acid stag”.
Door girl: “A blog? Blog? I’ve got a blog. It’s 50 bucks entry guys”.
[Slamdrew calls acid stag guys, sorts it out and gains entry]

… I guess doesn’t usually get tickets to gigs.

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