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Yuksek: Interview

Last week we had the great pleasure of chatting with French producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson, better known as Yuksek ahead of his gig at Field Day 2011.

We were lucky enough to catch your set at Splendour in the Grass back in 2009 and we must say it was one of our highlights of the weekend. Can we expect the same awesome performance from you at Field Day? Unfortunately not because Splendour in the Grass was a live tour – I’m just DJ-ing. It’s going to be quite strange because I wont have any keyboards on stage, I will not sing or have drums but I am sure it is going to be fun.

Your debut album ‘Away From The Sea’ got some huge attention in Australia. Were you surprised by the success of the album over here? Well to be honest, yes – it’s not what you would call a commercial album. It has some great songs and in France, Japan, Australia and some countries like that we had really good success, good sales and attention from the media. So I was really surprised by that.

You have done quite a few remixes for the likes of Phoenix, AutoKratz, Chromeo and even Lady Gaga. Are these artists that you wanted to remix  or did they approach you to remix their tracks? Well, actually they all approached me because I never make a remix by myself. I have always been asked to make a remix by a label, or the artist, or management, or whatever. You don’t ever remix just for fun? Ummmm no, not really. When I get to work on a track I’d prefer to make an original one you know.

Speaking of remixes, you have recently formed The Krays with Brodinski. Has this project been in the works for a while now? We just do this when we have a bit of time and can fit it in together. So yeah, we have a few remixes now and I think we plan to rejoin in January to do a new track together. It is fun to produce together.

Should we expect a new album from The Krays or Yuksek any time soon? From The Krays: no, there will never be an album from The Krays. But from Yuksek: yeah. I actually finished my next album. Can you reveal the name of it? No no no no because there is no name at the moment, and I am not talking much about it because it will be released in a long time, I think maybe October. It will have more songs and I think all the tracks to be more of a success.

Are there any other acts or artists you are looking forward to seeing or meeting at Field Day? Actually I managed to see quite a few of them last month in Europe but it’s always really cool to be on tour with Chromeo, Aeroplane, Klaxons and Sleigh Bells too. All those guys are really cool.

Here’s a live Yuksek performance of the hit track ‘Tonight’ to get you excited: 

Catch Yuksek playing at Field Day’s 10th Anniversary on 1st Jan 2011. What better way to kick-start the New Year?

Field Day tickets are on sale now over at, but be quick as they are almost sold out!

Standard Tickets: $135 + $7bf = $142 (no hidden charges)

‘More Expensive’ Tickets: $195 + $7bf = $202 (no hidden charges) – SOLD OUT

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