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Field Day 2K11 MixTape

We hope you aren’t planning on getting too messed up tonight – remember, you all still have a mahoosive day ahead of you tomorrow!

To get your New Years rolling we have put together a special mixtape featuring some of the amazing artists performing at Field Day’s 10th Anniversary Festival in Sydney tomorrow.

This MixTape had to be removed due to copyright issues

A very limited number of Field Day tickets are still available now over at, but be quick as they will sell out soon!

Standard Tickets: $135 + $7bf = $142 (no hidden charges)

Download the set times here.

Happy New Years everyone!


Yuksek: Interview

Last week we had the great pleasure of chatting with French producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson, better known as Yuksek ahead of his gig at Field Day 2011.

We were lucky enough to catch your set at Splendour in the Grass back in 2009 and we must say it was one of our highlights of the weekend. Can we expect the same awesome performance from you at Field Day? Unfortunately not because Splendour in the Grass was a live tour – I’m just DJ-ing. It’s going to be quite strange because I wont have any keyboards on stage, I will not sing or have drums but I am sure it is going to be fun.

Your debut album ‘Away From The Sea’ got some huge attention in Australia. Were you surprised by the success of the album over here? Well to be honest, yes – it’s not what you would call a commercial album. It has some great songs and in France, Japan, Australia and some countries like that we had really good success, good sales and attention from the media. So I was really surprised by that.

You have done quite a few remixes for the likes of Phoenix, AutoKratz, Chromeo and even Lady Gaga. Are these artists that you wanted to remix  or did they approach you to remix their tracks? Well, actually they all approached me because I never make a remix by myself. I have always been asked to make a remix by a label, or the artist, or management, or whatever. You don’t ever remix just for fun? Ummmm no, not really. When I get to work on a track I’d prefer to make an original one you know.

Speaking of remixes, you have recently formed The Krays with Brodinski. Has this project been in the works for a while now? We just do this when we have a bit of time and can fit it in together. So yeah, we have a few remixes now and I think we plan to rejoin in January to do a new track together. It is fun to produce together.

Should we expect a new album from The Krays or Yuksek any time soon? From The Krays: no, there will never be an album from The Krays. But from Yuksek: yeah. I actually finished my next album. Can you reveal the name of it? No no no no because there is no name at the moment, and I am not talking much about it because it will be released in a long time, I think maybe October. It will have more songs and I think all the tracks to be more of a success.

Are there any other acts or artists you are looking forward to seeing or meeting at Field Day? Actually I managed to see quite a few of them last month in Europe but it’s always really cool to be on tour with Chromeo, Aeroplane, Klaxons and Sleigh Bells too. All those guys are really cool.

Here’s a live Yuksek performance of the hit track ‘Tonight’ to get you excited: 

Catch Yuksek playing at Field Day’s 10th Anniversary on 1st Jan 2011. What better way to kick-start the New Year?

Field Day tickets are on sale now over at, but be quick as they are almost sold out!

Standard Tickets: $135 + $7bf = $142 (no hidden charges)

‘More Expensive’ Tickets: $195 + $7bf = $202 (no hidden charges) – SOLD OUT

Toro Y Moi: Underneath the Pine [Album Stream]

Chaz Bundick, or better known as Toro Y Moi is almost due to release the follow-up to his debut album Causers of This, with Underneath the Pine.

Toro is a heavy-hearted crooner trapped in a pop experimentalist’s body – he uses everything at his disposal to express the simplest of feelings.

Check out the first single from the upcoming album titled ‘Still Going’:

As well as his latest release, ‘New Beat’ :   

The good people at Urban Outfitters have made Underneath the Pine available to stream in full for today only. Click HERE to check it out!

Underneath the Pine will be available February 22nd via Carpark Records. There are also pre-order links at the streaming page.

Check out Bundick’s synthed-based dance-electro side project, Les Sins.

Interview: The Rapture

On the verge of releasing LP #4, we chat with New York dance-punk band The Rapture ahead of their Australian tour and appearance at Field Day 2011.  We sat down with Gabriel Andruzzi – keyboardist, saxophonist, bassist and vocalist. To say we were giddy with excitement while interviewing him would be an understatement – luckily it didn’t show… We hope. Here’s how it went down:

What can you reveal about the new album? At the moment we’re firming up business partners. A lot of time is spent making sure we’re making the right move. We were lucky to have on board French electro producer Paris Philippe Zdar (AKA Cassius). It’s been great.

The new album shows qualities similar to the first album (Echoes). I guess, we’re not trying to be perfect about anything this time round. It’s been a natural process for us. We’ve just been chasing a feeling and/or an emotion – generally it’s love and passion. The whole process is easier when you work with a really passionate producer.

Musically, it’s quite grand and still very much ‘The Rapture’.

A friend of ours is mates with Ben Rama. You’ve pretty much scarred him for life. Ummm sorry? [Laughs] Australia was the only place ‘No Sex For Ben’ actually really took off. It was great to see the crowd really get into it.

What are you looking forward to most about coming back to Australia? The fact that it’s on the other side of the world, the Sun and definitely the awesome crowd.

Can we expect to hear some new tracks at Field Day? There will be three new tracks played. One of them is called ‘Sail Away’. It’s a big festival tune.

Catch The Rapture playing at Field Day’s 10th Anniversary on 1st Jan 2011. What better way to kick-start the New Year?

Here’s what you can expect:

Field Day tickets are on sale now over at, but be quick!

Standard Tickets: $135 + $7bf = $142 (no hidden charges)

‘More Expensive’ Tickets: $195 + $7bf = $202 (no hidden charges)


acid stag: Top 10 Albums of 2010

2010 has been a mahoosive year for the music industry. Some amazing singles have been released, brilliant albums produced and some mind blowing live performances have been had – all of which have made this a very tough decision to make, but in the end there can only be TEN.

10. Broken Bells (self-titled)

9. Maximum Balloon (self-titled) 


8. ceo – White Magic

7. Yeasayer – Odd Blood

6. Hot Chip – One Life Stand


5. Caribou – Swim

4. LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening 


3. Jónsi – Go

2. The National – High Violet


1. Sufjan Stevens – Age Of Adz 


Let us know if you agree or post your picks below.

Beth Ditto: The EP (ft. SMD)

Gossip frontwoman, Beth Ditto has ditched the band for the moment to release her debut solo EP.

The EP was produced by UK based production and remix team Simian Mobile Disco. You may remember Beth providing the vocals to the track ‘Cruel Intentions’, featuring on their sophomore studio album Temporary Pleasure. Well, she has embraced the electro vibe and run with it.

Watch the video for her first single ‘I Wrote The Book’ – an ode to Madonna:

The EP is available digitally and as a collector’s 12″ vinyl edition now via Beatport.

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Music + Video =

We have some kind of horror-porn courtesy of the Scissor Sisters, man-on-man oil wrestling, a clip involving a cool guitar costume (that I want to own), and the new one from Bag Raiders for their track ‘Sunlight’.

Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes: 

Tapes ‘n Tapes – Freak Out: 

Fujiya & Miyagi – YoYo: 

Monokino – New Kid: 

Broken Social Scene – Texico Bitches: 

Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (NSFW): 

Bag Raiders – Sunlight: 

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Ben Ottewell: Shapes & Shadows

Ben Ottewell – co-vocalist, songwriter and guitarist of infamous UK lads GOMEZ is just about set to release his debut solo album Shapes & Shadows.

Take a listen to the first single from the album titled, ‘Lightbulbs’:  

Shapes & Shadows will be available February 2011. Pre-order your copy via Eat Sleep Records and receive a FREE MP3 download of the above track.

Ben will be embarking on a UK tour in support of the new album this Winter.  Tickets for all shows go on sale on Friday, December 17th.  All ticketing and venue info can be found on Ben’s official website.

In other GOMEZ news – the boys are currently back in the studio and hard at work on their follow-up to 2009’s A New Tide. Be sure to subscribe to the GOMEZ official website to stay up to date on all the latest news and upcoming tour dates.

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ceo: Illuminata video + Beyonce rework

Back in July we introduced you to ceo (the latest project by the The Tough Alliance’s Eric Berglund) along with their lush debut album White Magic.

ceo has this week released the official music video for the track ‘Illuminata’: 

Recently they have worked up an electronic rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ from her 2008 full length album, I Am Sasha Fierce:

You can purchase a special ‘Illuminata’ single release now via Sincerely Yours which includes the above two tracks.

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Feel My Bicep: Darwin [Throne of Blood]

The Rapture owned label, Throne of Blood have just recently revealed its latest act – a disco-house, glam-powerpop production duo who go by the name of Feel My Bicep. The first release from these guys is a three-track EP simply called EP1 which features a remix by UK based disco-house producers Retro/Grade.

Early 2011 they will be following this up with EP2, which will feature a few more original Feel My Bicep tracks along with a remix by American dub-house producer Tanner Ross.

Take a listen to EP1 :  

Be sure to check out the group’s website to stay up to date on all the latest.`

The Drums: Me and the Moon [Remixed]

English new wavers The Drums released their self-titled debut album earlier this year and are now due to drop their latest single titled ‘Me and the Moon’. Leading up to this, they have commissioned some big name producers/artists such as Mathew Dear, Moonlight Matters, Twin Shadow & Clock Operato add their own unique flavours to the track.

Take a listen to the Matthew Dear remix of ‘Me and the Moon’:

Also, we have the official music video of the original version – ‘Me and the Moon’:  

The ‘Me and the Moon’ single will be available as of 13th December.

The Drums debut album can be purchase now via iTunes. Be sure to check out their official website for all the latest info on releases, tour dates and more.

GOOSE: Can’t Stop Me Now [New Music]

Belgium’s electro-dance pop rockers GOOSE are back with a new album nearly four years on from their debut release Bring It On. Now they present to us Synrise – an album of strong dance tracks with classic pop song structures, heavily influenced by 70’s space-disco rock with a dash of 80’s movie soundtracks.

Check out the official music video for the first single titled ‘Cant Stop Me Now’:

GOOSE will be touring through parts of Europe over the next few months. Be sure to check out their official website for all the dates and ticketing info as well as all the latest GOOSE news as it is released.

Synrise will be released around the world as of 6th February 2011 via !K7 Records. | |

Trentemøller: Interview

We had the pleasure of talking with Danish producer Anders Trentemøller ahead of his Australian tour this summer and in promotion of his latest LP release Into The Great Wide Yonder. We discussed his new album title, porno-inspired pseudonyms and what we can expect from a Trentemøller live performance.

To start off with, how did the name of your latest album, Into The Great Wide Yonder come about? I was watching a documentary and the narrator used the phrase “Into The Wide Blue Yonder” which I thought was really cool and wanted to use it for the album title – but then I found out that it was a USA Airforce war song. I really wanted to use the name for the title, so I just changed it to Into The Great Wide Yonder. It kinda gives the feel of something big and different which is exactly what I was going for with this album, it’s so different from my previous album The Last Resort.

Congratulations are in order – the album reached #2 on the Danish Album Charts. Yeah, that was a little bit surprising because this album is much more electronic and different from my last one and from all the other music that is usually on those charts. It was great to see that a lot of the indie-type fans were taking in my album. Do you remember who was at the #1 spot? No I don’t actually, I don’t usually even look at those things because they are all so commercialized. I mean, my music is definitely not Lady Gaga you know, so it’s much more difficult to compete with all the commercial music. So to be on the charts at all was actually quite amazing when you think about it.

We’ve noticed that you sometimes go by the name Run Jeremy? That was from a long time ago when I did a bootleg of ‘Window Licker’ by Aphex Twin and it was just a name to have as an alias for that. So I just did that bootleg under that name for fun you know and also because I wanted to do something that was not associated with Trentemøller. Did you choose that name because you shared something in common with Ron Jeremy? Yes, yes that was it of course (laughs).

We have read that you’re bringing a full band with you on tour to Australia, if your performance at the 2009 Roskilde Festival is anything to go by, we are pretty damn excited! Yeah yeah, Roskilde for me was so great because we were playing in front of 60,000 people and that night was just so fantastic. We played for nearly two hours with the whole live band setup and for me it was also something special because it was in Denmark and on the main stage. Since I was a kid I always dreamt about maybe one day playing at one, but I never really thought it would actually happen, you know? The whole vibe that night was just so wild and amazing. That was basically the kick-off for the new band setup which meant the addition of seven new musicians on stage as well as a bunch of choreographed dancers. We can only imagine of course, but it must have felt amazing. Yeah, it really, really was just one of those great moments.

Take a look at the above mentioned performance of their latest single at the Roskilde Festival in 2009. It has an epic vibe that we can’t wait to get amongst on New Years Day.


Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! : 


Trentemøller has done an amazing amount of remixes over the last few years for artists such as The Knife, Röyksopp, Kasper Bjørke, Booka Shade, Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, Moby and even the Pet Shop Boys just to name a few. Also having been remixed by artists like Four Tet, Pantha Du Prince, Gui Boratto and more recently Lulu Rouges on ‘Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!’.

You can check the entire Trentemøller discography, stay up to date with all the latest news and tour dates via the official Trentemøller website (see below).

Catch Trentemøller playing at Field Day’s 10th Anniversary on 1st Jan 2011. What better way to kick-start the New Year?

Field Day tickets are on sale now over at

Standard Tickets: $135 + $7bf = $142 (no hidden charges)

‘More Expensive’ Tickets: $195 + $7bf = $202 (no hidden charges)




Perfume Genius: Learning [Reissue]

Earlier this year, Seattle singer-songwriter Perfume Genius (aka Mike Hadreas) released his amazingly beautiful debut album, Learning. This week sees the release of a CD-reissue of the album that features a new cardboard slipcase with new artwork along with a coupon entitling you to downloads of three new tracks: ‘Dreeem’, ‘Your Drum’ and ‘Divine Faxes’.

Take a listen to ‘Dreeem’: 

We also have this moving animated video for ‘Your Drum’: 

You can purchase your special edition copy of Learning now via Matador – just in time for Christmas, for that someone special…

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