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Iron & Wine: Walking Far From Home

American folk-rock singer/songwriter Iron & Wine is back with his fourth studio album Kiss Each Other Clean, which will be available from 25th January 2011.

Ahead of this he has released the first single from the album ‘Walking Far From Home’:   

The single is available now through all good music outlets and you can get more info, merch and tour dates from the band’s website.

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Simian Mobile Disco: Delicacies

It’s been just over a year since UK electro duo Simian Mobile Disco released their second studio album Temporary Pleasure, and now they are serving us Delicacies. The album has a more techno-based sound which is possibly more unique than anything they have done in the past. Each of the nine tracks from Delicacies takes on the name of an exotic and what some may consider bizarre delicacy that they’ve eaten while on tour.

For your tasting pleasure, here is the creepy and almost perverse music video for the track ‘Sweetbread’ which was featured in a recent acid stag Music + Video = installment recently :   

SMD will be hitting the road this coming February and March with The Juan Maclean and BLONDES. Check out their website for all the touring deets.

Delicacies is available now via iTunes.

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Maximum Balloon: Lovely View

Maximum Balloon has just released a deluxe edition of the outstanding self-titled debut album from earlier this year. It’ll feature two brand-spanking new songs plus two new remixes of ‘Groove Me’.

Take a listen to one of the new tracks which has been made available by Some Kind Of Awesome.

‘Lovely View’:

You can get your very own deluxe edition of Maximum Balloon now via their website.

Mogwai: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Mogwai return with their 7th studio album, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Take a listen to the Scottish post-rockers’ first single titled ‘Rano Pano’ – a five-minute instrumental track:

Mobile users, click here to listen.

The single will be available on 18th January via Sub Pop and the LP will hit stores on 14th February.

Sufjan Stevens: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Last Saturday night, indie megastar Sufjan Stevens performed an amazingly elaborate live show on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that just gave us at acid stag goosebumps. With angel wings attached, neon stripes, and a sideways rave-kid visor, Sufjan and his backup band and dancers worked through a choreographed version of the Age of Adz’s track ‘Too Much’.

Check out this awesome performance below – the quality is pretty poor so if you would prefer to watch the footage that was recored by Fallon’s studio, click on the link under the video:

Sufjan Stevens: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Sufjan Stevens will be playing a few sold-out shows across Australia in January 2011. If you missed out on tickets to the Sydney Festivals dates, you can sign up to the waiting list to be informed in advance of another performance if one is announced… Fingers crossed!

Gorrilaz: Radio 1 Live Lounge [The xx cover]

Damon Albarn and his Gorillaz accompanied by singer Daley, performed a live set at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge over the weekend. The set featured stripped-down acoustic takes of new single ‘Doncamatic’ with Daley on vocals, followed by a version of ‘On Melancholy Hill’ as well as a very sublte cover of The xx’s ‘Crystalised’.


On Melancholy Hill:


Cut Copy: Take Me Over

Aussie indie-electro boys Cut Copy have just released the first official single from their upcoming album Zonoscope.

Titled ‘Take Me Over’ it is nothing sure of pure excitement:

It follows on from the already massive hit from just a few months ago ‘Where I’m Going’ :

The guys are set to headline the St. Jeromes Laneway Festivals across australia in February 2011 before embarking on a massive Zonoscope World Tour, which will see the band traversing Europe, Irleand, Poland and Spain just for starters.

The single is available now via iTunes and will be dropped on 12” vinyl along with an awesome alter-sleeve in the very near future. | |

Harbourlife 2010 MixTape

For those of you prepping for Harbourlife Sydney today, we have a selection of tracks from this year’s line-up which are bound to get you pumped for the day ahead and possibly any partying after you may take part in.


Set times:

Remember kiddies, slip-slop-slap, look after your friends and dance till you can’t dance no more!

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The Knife: Seeds

Off the back of their 2010 Tomorrow, In A Year opera collaboration with Mt.Sims and PlanningtorockThe Knife have released the new single ‘Seeds’ taken from the soundtrack. The single features a few remixes from Berlin-based Ghostly International, Bodycode and the head of the Dutch-based Intacto Records‘ Shinedoe who were both selected by Olof Dreijer (of The Knife).

We have the original version of ‘Seeds’:  Mobile users, click here to listen.

Followed by  the Bodycode remix:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

As if this wasn’t enough Knife for one day, they have also just released Silent Shout – An Audio Visual Experience. The DVD package includes live footage from a show in Gothenburg on 12th April 2006 + 11 music videos + the exclusive short film “When I Found The Knife”. This can be seen in its entirety for ONE WEEK ONLY at Pitchfork.

The single is available exclusively now via Beatport and a limited edition 12” vinyl will be available as of 6th December.

The DVD package can also be purchased now from The Knife.

I Was A King: Old Friends

2007 saw the release of Norwegian shoe-gaze indie-pop rockers I Was A King‘s debut album Losing Something Good for Something Better – quickly earning the duo recognition from the media, musicians, and fans alike. They then followed up in 2009 with their self-titled second studio LP which gained them a solid and dedicated fan base. Now, on January 25th 2011 they will unleash their latest offering titled Old Friends which can be described as a record of excitement, chaos, harmony and discord which also features many collaborations from the likes of Sufjan StevensEmil Nikolaisen and Danielson.

Take a listen to the first single to be released from the upcoming album titled ‘Nightwalking’:   Mobile users, click here to listen.

You can purchase their entire back catalogue via iTunes.

Fever Ray: Little Red Riding Hood

Swedish electro Queen Karin Dreijer Andersson aka Fever Ray has a cameo appearance in a new film about one of the oldest and most favoured fairy tale stories, Little Red Riding Hood. The movie is being directed by Twilight Saga’s Catherine Hardwick and as you will hear in the trailer, there’s a new Fever Ray track to accompany it. The track was written by Karin with the assistance of film composer Brian Reitzell and is performed in the film using instruments inspired by the Hieronymus Bosch painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights‘. In the film, Karin can be seen merrily singing away to a happily dancing audience while wearing a harvest mask with a corn husk face.

Trailer :

Red Riding Hood will be out 11 March 2011.

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Girl Talk: All Day

Girl Talk, the mash-up specialist, has today released his fifth LP titled All Day.

It can be purchased for the low, low price of $FREE.99 via Illegal Art. According to the label’s website:

All Day is intended to be listened to as a whole.
It is broken up into individual tracks only for easier navigation.

Currently, the album is available two ways: a group of MP3s or one seamless MP3.
Click here to download either or. You can also stream the entire album for free below:

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Aeroplane: Interview

We had a quick chat with Vito from Aeroplane about his debut album We Can’t Fly, remixing the Friendly Fires track ‘Paris’ and of course Field Day 2011.

Firstly Vito, congratulations on your debut album, it is an awesome piece of work. How does it feel to finish it and get it out there? It feels great because I’ve been working on this for three years now. It feels awesome to be able to put it out and to be able to move on to the next thing. But I must say, on the other hand it’s really hard to see people judge three years of work in like 15 minutes by skipping through the tracks and not giving it a good listen. When you get that involved in a project you sometimes think you’ll never be totally understood, but that’s part of the dream I guess.

You first came to the attention of the Australian people with your remix of the Friendly Fires track ‘Paris’. Are you surprised by the success of that remix? I think I’ll always be surprised by the success of anything I’m doing because I am only doing something that I like doing. And besides, what I think is going to be good isn’t necessarily what other people are going to think is good. Obviously though I was surprised by its success, especially because we took Ed Macfarlane’s vocals out of the track completely and then slowed it down a lot. It isn’t a hit in the kind of standard way that a hit usually is, umm so yeah it was really surprising. It was really great for Aeroplane because that’s what put us on the map really. Before that we were just growing slowly, step by step but then ‘Paris’ all of a sudden made us really big all at once.

Was it difficult getting Au Revoir Simone to lend their vocals to the track? Well actually, everyone thinks we got them to re-sing the track for us, but Au Revoir Simone is actually on the original. They sing the backing vocals on the original but it’s just really, really quiet so you can barely hear it. When you do a remix you get all the separate tracks to work with and when I spotted that female vocal track I was like “There’s no way I can use the guys vocals anymore”. I wanted to use that one because it just sounded really sexy and then when I slowed it down a lot I got this robotic-futuristic feel to the vocals. It was the best choice for me and I don’t understand why they are not more prominent on the original.

Speaking of remixes, in an ideal world which of the tracks from your debut album would you like to see remixed and by whom? Well, I’m being remixed already actually. We have a single coming out soon called ‘Superstar’ being remixed by The Krays which is Brodinski and Yuksek and also a Chromeo remix. The next single we are releasing is called ‘Without Lies’ which will come with remixes from Breadbot and Black Van who has just signed on with DFA Records. I’m pretty picky about who I want to mix my tracks, you know. I really want someone that I know I’m going to like their work and I’m not going to just take on the big names so that I can do great in the clubs. If I’m going to have a dance remix done I’d rather it be by somebody I really love.

You manage to release a new DJ set on Souncloud each month, where do you find the time? Actually it doesn’t really take that long to be honest. It takes me between an hour to an hour and a half to do the mix itself, but it takes the whole month to collect the tracks to go on the set. So several times a week I check out a lot of websites, listen to a lot of stuff, and listen to all the promos I’ve been sent. From all that, I just have pick out 10 tracks to go into the mix. So doing all of that is what takes the most time. I’m not going to put a track in the mix just because I need one more track either, I want the 10 tracks that are in there to be stuff I really love. Those mixes I put up on Soundcloud represent what I will be going to play as a DJ when I go to a party or a club. So if you go to see Aeroplane DJ that is what you’re going to hear.

You’re coming back to Australia for the Field Day festival, are there any other artists on the line-up you are looking forward to checking out? Yes actually. I’m really looking forward to seeing Public Enemy and I really love The Cool Kids. There are a few others I was excited about but those would be my favourites for sure.

We Can’t Fly can be purchased from all good retail stores or digitally via iTunes.

We have both of the above mentioned singles and remixes for you to check out right here:

You can catch Aeroplane at Field Day’s 10th Anniversary on 1st Jan 2011. What better way to kick-start the New Year?

Field Day tickets are on sale now over at

Standard Tickets: $135 + $7bf = $142 (no hidden charges)

‘More Expensive’ Tickets: $195 + $7bf = $202 (no hidden charges)


Cassius: I <3 U So [Official Video]

The Rawkers EP is the latest offering from French-electro producers Cassius released via Ed Banger Records. In line with the EP release, the duo have also unleashed the music video for the first single titled ‘I <3 U So' which you can check out below:

Doesn’t it make you wish you had that App? Well, you can! It can be downloaded here for free! Alternatively you can simply download it via your iPhone’s App Store – also for free.

The six track EP can be purchased now via iTunes.

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Robyn: Body Talk Pt. 3

Swedish dance queen Robyn has been very busy this year with the release of her two mini-albums Body Talk Pt. 1 & Body Talk Pt. 2. On November 22 she will be dropping the final installment of the Body Talk series. It includes the massively popular hit single ‘Indestructible’ along with four new tracks and a remix of ‘Dancehall Queen’ by Diplo.

We have it here before its official release date. 

Also if you haven’t seen it, take a look at the saucy music video for ‘Indestructible’:

Keep up to date with all the latest info as it is released via Robyn’s official website.

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